Forte Precision Metals offers its polishing stainless steel metal service to produce an enhanced surface finish in precision metals.

Custom Machining Polishing is used to for the production of smoothly finished materials by the removal of the part to achieve the desired finish in the material. This operation can help bring every material to perfection, that is why it is an essential step in the burnishing process.

Polishing can be performed with any sort of abrasive cutting tool which can help enhance the textured surface and appearance of a polish metal or an alloy. It removes rough texture and imperfections on the metal surface such as nicks, pits, scratches, and lines. Fine abrasives used leave less visible lines to the metal surface.

To meet the specific requirements and requests set by our customers, we perform polishing aluminum processes to smooth the workpiece’s surface with the use of our abrasive work wheel and machinery. There are certain conditions in the metals that are considered at hand to which type of abrasive will be used.

Forte Precision Metals has functional polished steel machine in the component preparation process and excellent quality metal finishing. We cover all the necessary operations like centerless grinding, buffing, and polishing – all processes needed to improve the surface conditions of materials for functional and decorative purposes.

We do perform different techniques and special mechanical polishing procedures that are required to prepare metal surfaces like polished stainless steel.

Forte Precision Metals extend their capacities in doing abrading operations like polishing for the removal of surface defects that can affect the function of material parts.

Polishing capabilities:

  • Finish to specific roughness average
  • #8 mirror finish
  • Grind and polish in varying sizes, weights, shapes of metals
  • Electroplating
  • Complex Shaped Components Polishing Operation
  • Custom polishing for stainless steel