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We do milling operations that highly display progressive metal removal process for a rough cut mill finish.

millingMilling can be considered as the most common form of machining operation – a removal of material process. This can create varying features on a component through cutting away excess and unnecessary material. Upon the operation requires a workpiece, fixture, milling machine, and a cutter. The workpiece is inserted to the platform within the milling machine. The cutter serves as a cutting tool with abrasive teeth/grains that is secured to the machine. Thus, by feeding the workpiece to the cutter, excess material is being cut away from the workpiece to create desired shape.

We at Forte Precision Metals perform milling operation for the production of parts and components which are not axially symmetric like pockets, holes, slots, and three dimensional surface contours. These parts and components are completely fabricated through milling.

We present here our capabilities in our milling operations:

  • Materials: Metals, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, cast iron
  • Tolerance (+/-): 0.001 in.
  • Part Size: Width – 0.04 – 72 in; Length – 0.04 – 72 in
  • Shapes: Solid – Complex; Solid – Cubid


  • Very good tolerances
  • All materials compatible
  • Short lead times


  • Engine components
  • Machine components

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