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We do packaging in all types of materials and items to ensure and retain quality and safe shipping for specified purposes.

packaging To maintain high quality in every product or item, we also provide special packaging services for a more secure and safer transit of products. That is how we comply with the demands and requests of customers to retain the excellent condition of products upon delivery. We are a leader in packaging solutions, maintaining high quality and value-added service. We offer a wide range of packaging options:
  • Cardboard tubing for all sizes
  • Wooden boxes approved for an export
  • Cardboard collars
  • Paper wrapping
  • Wood crates and shields
  • Boxing – wood and cardboard fiber

Forte Precision Metals is not only capable of pure metalworking operations, but we can also do other special packaging techniques like Custom Packaging. We are capable of producing Custom Wood Boxes are tailor-made and standard appropriate to maintain consistency in product quality and quantity.

We also work on creating more engaging designs for standard custom wooden boxes in order to ensure sales and delivery requirements are met. We have these custom packaging capabilities for bar-stock materials:

  • Wooden Boxes for Protection
  • UPS Packages
  • Paper Tube
  • Collared and Wrap

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