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Tool Steel: Precision Ground Steel Bar

Tool Steel Round Bar Stock

Tool steel is a metal alloy with remarkable hardness, toughness or wear resistance. Both the chemistry and the manufacture contribute to its unique characteristics. The name implies that it is ready to take on a wide range of challenging tasks to describe this steels.

Why get tool steel round stock?

Hand tools and machine dies are made from tool steel, which is a form of carbon alloy steel that is well-suited to the manufacture of tooling. The significant characteristics of this material are its hardness, resistance to abrasion, and capacity to maintain its shape even when exposed to high temperatures.

Tool steel is often utilized in a heat-treated state, which increases its hardness and durability. There’s a lot of reasons why you just get this material from your tool steel round bar supplier.

How Tool steel Precision Ground Steel Bar Started?

Tool Steel was invented in 1868 by a British metallurgist named Robert Forester Mushet. By including manganese into the Bessemer steel-making process, Mushet made it more efficient. He discovered afterward that one of his steel bars had hardened even though it had not been quenched.

The capacity of steel to be cooled slowly is referred to as hardenability. It is known as “air-hardening” steel because it could be fully hardened in the air rather than water or oil, instead of other steels. Because of hardenability, self-hardening is a possibility.  

Consequently, it is  a hard martensitic microstructure. While the high tungsten and manganese concentration of tool steel was credited to the material’s hardenability, the manganese content allowed the steel to harden in the air.

Tool Steel Bar Stock Types and Applications

Tool steel is a material that can be used in many applications, making them incredibly useful in various industries. Here are some popular grades from your trusted tool steel round bar supplier.

O1 Tool Steel

This tool steel round bar stock  is oil-hardening and non-deformable. As a result, it is also known as “non-shrinking” steel. Most people desire O1 to be strong, robust and wear resistant.

o6 Tool Steel

O6 is a graphitic tool steel that resists slipping and galling. It’s versatile. The steel’s homogenous graphite dispersion makes it easy to machine and non-seize. Buy O-6 to meet chemical rather than physical needs. As a result, physical attributes are only offered upon request.

A2 Tool Steel

A2 is a 5% chromium air-hardening steel. It’s used in several tools. A2 tool steel is also known for its hardness and dimensional stability.A2 Steel is a high-hardness, medium-carbon tool steel. It is a versatile tool steel that performs well at a low cost.

D2 tool Steel

This precision ground steel bar is high in carbon and chrome. It is made of Chrome Steel. Machinable and durable. This grade also has the best toughness at high hardness. The solid alloy carbide particles in D2 give high abrasion resistance.

M2 Tool Steel

S7 tool steel can be worked both cold and hot. It is a multi-purpose alloy. It is resistant to impact, stress, and mild temperature softening. Though less durable than related kinds, it is nevertheless quite durable. Heat doesn’t distort it. Its structure provides it with excellent working hardness.

H13 Tool steel

The H13 toolset is ductile and can be molded. Hot-work tooling in H13 chromium steel is standard. Due to its exceptional hardness and fatigue resistance, H13 is the most often used tool steel. Stamping, slitting, cutting, and shearing are common applications in hot working dies, including forging and extrusion dies.

w1 Tool steel

W1 steel is a popular water-hardening tool steel that hardens quickly. This alloy warps during the process but not during quenching. W steels contain chromium, which increases resistance and hardenability. It also helps preserve grain size by promoting steel hardness.

Where to Find Tool Steel Round Bar Stock

It’s safe to say that Tool steel has a prominent presence. There’s no denying that this is one of the world’s valuable materials. Because it is in demand, you can find them just about anywhere. – However, Forte Precision Metals is the only site place where you can be sure to find high-quality Tool steel Round Bar Stock.

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