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Tool Steel Bar

Strength and Durability You Can Count On – Tool Steel Bar Stock for Any Job


Tool Steel Bar Stock for Unmatched Performance

This type of steels display excellent wear properties and good toughness which are suited for creating tools.

Tool Steel Its name is derived from its use. Tool steel is a carbon-alloy steel with hTool Steelard properties obtained from heat-treated conditions. It has a range of 0.5 to 1.5% of carbon and other various components, such as molybdenum, tungsten, and chromium.

Because of its carbon component, it is best known for its properties such as hardness, ability to retain its shape in increased temperatures, abrasion resistance, and wear-resistance, allowing it to be widely utilized for cutting and machining of other types of metals like carbon steels, alloy steels, magnesium, and aluminum. 

As such, a tool steel round bar stock is necessary for industries manufacturing hand and machine tools.

Quality Tool Steel Bar Stock

With such a high demand for the excellent quality of a tool steel bar stock or two, Forte Precision Metals volunteers its extensive supply and inventory of tool steels to industries that mainly manufacture tool steel products. 

Accordingly, a tool steel round bar stock is primarily used in the materials applied in open die forgings, which include discs & hubs, seamless rolled rings, shafts, blocks, flanges, and other forged shapes are machined to finished components.

Forte Precision Metals manufactures tool steels, tool steel forgings, and other related products upon customers’ request. We expertly do so since we are not just an excellent tool steel round bar supplier but one that can also efficiently and well provide precision grinding services.

Applications of Tool Steel Bar Stock

We get to fulfill and meet corporate specifications, through our precision grinding services, including custom lengths, odd sizes, or precision or centerless ground bar forms.

Tool steels can be melted to various alloy specifications. They may undergo multiple processes, including hot and cold-rolling methods, and turn your tool steels into a hot or cold finished bar. 

Below are some of the manufactured parts using Tool Steels:

  • machine tools
  • trimmers & cutting tools
  • tooling blocks
  • dies and tools used for casting, molding, and stamping
  • wear plates
  • drill bits and end mills
  • mining equipment parts

If you need tool steel or want to transform them into a hot or cold finished steel bar, contact us or submit a request quote on Forte Precision Metals today!


We supply tool steel in round bars with a variety of finish options for any of your specific applications and parts.

TOOL STEEL ROUND BAR Forte Precision Metals, an efficient tool steel round bar supplier, expands its product inventory that can be done in machining materials into varying finishes to meet the different requirements of customers and comply with the vast demand of many industries. Tool steel grades are carefully picked and machined with the help of our efficient team to achieve the desired finish and tolerance. We work on continuous product quality inspection to ensure effective results. We boast our tool steel round bar stock and related products to be highly sought by various industrial and manufacturing engineers and designers in constructing and structuring parts and components. With its high demand mainly in the construction and engineering industry, we supply many tool steel forms. Still, we specialize in tool steel that play significant functions in machining and cutting, usually formed into a hot or cold finished bar. Along with our extensive line of product inventory, Forte Precision Metals provide value-added machining operations, which include cutting, grinding, machining, milling, chamfering, polishing, turning, and burnishing, so the specific material requirement is achieved. We can even provide your tool steels into a precision or centerless ground steel bar. All materials are roughly machined and constantly tested for quality and finish by our expert quality inspection control team.

Why Get Tool Steel Round Stock?

Tool steel is a general classification of steel alloys used to make tools. A tool steel round stock is designed to resist wear, abrasion, and deformation to prolong the life of cutting tools. Tool steels can be classified into three general categories: high carbon tool steel, alloyed tool steel, and stainless tool steel.

Here are the reasons to get tool steel round bar;

Strong Material

Tool steel bar stock has many advantages over other types of materials. It has a higher hardness and wear resistance and is more robust than most other materials. Tool steel also has a higher corrosion resistance than most other types.

Lots of uses

Tool steel round bar has properties different from those of an ordinary round bar. It is more rigid, more wear-resistant, and has better thermal conductivity. Tool steel round bars can be made into various means, such as cutting and machine parts.

Lots of sizes

Tool steel is a material that is used to make tools. Tool steel round stock, in particular, is a type of tool steel that can be purchased in many sizes. It is a type of tool steel available in many grades, shapes, and sizes. It can make dies, punches, shears, and other cutting tools.


Tool steel round stock is one of the most versatile materials available today. It can be used for many purposes, including making tools and machining parts. The versatility and availability of this material make it a must-have for any toolbox. Versatile Tool steel round stock is one of the most versatile materials available today. It can be used for many purposes, including making tools and machining parts. The versatility and availability of this material make it a must-have for any toolbox. For more information or your inquiries regarding estimates and quotes, please submit a Request a Quote to get an immediate response from us!


This type of steel grades are machined to various finishes to be used for a lot of applications like open die forgings.

A2 medium air hardening tool steel; capable of deep hardening slitters, die shapes, and similar applications
A10 keeps distortion at minimum level upon hardening thread rolling dies and intricate die shapes
D2 high chromium, high carbon type tool steels; highly wear resistant; deep hardening alloy thread rolling dies and blanking and forming dies
D3 has high wear resistant; deep hardening alloy; has high comprehensive strength forming rolls, draw dies, blanking and forming dies, powder metal tooling
D5 capable of deep hardening; has low resistance to heat softening blanking and forming dies, thread rolling
H11 chromium, hot work type tool steels; has good toughness; low in carbon content aircraft landing gear
H13 contains strengthening agents; softening resistant at high temperatures die casting, die work, extrusion dies
H21 has tungsten content; toughness reduced used for tolling and hot working dies
H26 softening resistant; has higher tungsten content forming dies and hot extrusion
M2 higher version of M1 tool steel; has better wear resistance cutting tools
P20 mold steel; has high hardness and toughness injection molds and die casting dies
W1 simple high carbon steel; easily hardened by quenching and heating cold heading, metal cutting tools, embossing taps and reamers, cutlery

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Tool Steel Grades Tool steel, when excellently machined, can be available in various tool steel grades to be critically picked and organized according to their suitable applications. Each well-machined tool steel grade differs regarding their featured properties and strengths as well as for their combined element contents. Depending on a client’s specifications, we can transform tool steel into appropriate precision or centerless ground bar forms. Accordingly, they are most suited for die forging applications with the great toughness and hardness they have which allow them to be used mostly in machining and cutting other metals. Please see our table of tool steel grades below: