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Stainless Round Bar Stock

With proper machining, stainless steel round bar stock demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation and has a smooth surface finish.

It is also interesting to note that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel bar stock is due to its 12 percent chromium content. Nevertheless, the chromium content also improves stainless precision ground steel bar ductility, hardness, high strength, workability, and formability.

In addition, stainless steel bars are inexpensive because they are 100 percent recyclable and recoverable. Businesses transform stainless steel round bar stock into a centerless ground bar, hot-rolled bar, cold-rolled bar, cold-rolled steel bar, or even precision-ground steel bar.

Stainless Steel Round Stock Applications in Various Industries

A stainless steel round bar stock is frequently the material of choice for numerous metalworking operations, including centerless grinding, saw cutting, and turning, among others. Check out the different industries that utilize stainless precision ground steel bar below;

 Stainless steel has become a crucial component of the construction industry because of its strength, resistance, and flexibility. Countertops, backsplashes, and handrails are just a few of the interior applications, but it’s also found on the exterior of some of the world’s most high-profile structures as cladding. Because its weldability, easy maintenance, and attractive finish are standard features in modern architecture.

Stainless precision ground steel bar, a highly recyclable metal, is increasingly preferred for construction as a part of the sustainable building movement. It is visually appealing and can help improve natural lighting in the building if it has a polished or grain finish.

It’s been used to make many automotive parts, including exhaust systems, grilles, and trim pieces. Shipping containers, road tankers, and refuse vehicles are just a few of the many uses of this technology.

It is ideal for transporting chemicals, liquids, and food products because of its corrosion resistance. Thanks to its low maintenance requirements, cleaning and maintaining stainless steel is a cost-effective and straightforward process

Healthcare industry

Stainless steel is the material of choice for most surgical implants, including artificial hips and knees, replacement joints, and other bone-joining devices. Stainless steel is the preferred material for environments where cleanliness and sterility are critical. Medical equipment with stainless steel is commonplace, including surgical and dental tools.

The food industry

It is resistant to corrosion, which means it can hold acidic beverages such as orange juice. Stainless steel is ideal for food storage because it is easy to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria. Kitchenware, cookware, and cutlery are all stainless steel in the food and catering industry.

Knives and other utensils are made from stainless steel that is less ductile. Grills, cookers, saucepans, and sinks are made from the more ductile grades. Refrigerators, fridges, dishwashers, and countertops can be finished with stainless steel. In the food industry, stainless steel is ideal because it doesn’t alter the flavor of the food being produced.

Aviation industry

Stainless steel is also popular in the aviation industry. As a result of its high strength and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, it is frequently employed in constructing aircraft frameworks. Additionally, it can help prevent rust in jet engines and landing gears. Arguably aircraft-grade aluminum should be included as an option.

Choose Forte Precision Metals: Stainless Steel Solid Round Bar

Looking for the best stainless steel round bar supplier? Forte Precision Metals sees demand from numerous industries for stainless steel round bar stock, whether in round or centerless ground bar form. Accordingly, we consistently strive to provide high-quality round or ground bars for various applications.

Currently, we supply a vast array of industries, including the automotive, medical, aerospace, construction, oil and chemical processing, and military equipment industries, to name a few. We are the most reliable stainless steel round bar supplier in the Midwest, and we continue to improve in every way possible.

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