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410 Stainless Steel

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The 410 Stainless Steel Delivers Superior Performance

410 Stainless Steel Bar - Strong, Corrosion-Resistant, and Machinable

This alloy has high strength and hardness and exceptional corrosion resistance. 410 stainless steel bar is ductile and may be shaped when it has been annealed. In both the annealed and heat-treated states, it retains its magnetic properties.


410 stainless steel bar is an alloy of iron and chromium, making it corrosion-resistant and highly durable. These are the most popular choice for a variety of applications, including:

    • Automotive manufacturing: they are useful in manufacturing brake rotors, engine blocks, and other parts.
    • Construction: they are useful in the construction of bridges and buildings.
    • Aerospace: they are popular in aerospace industries to manufacture aircraft, rockets, satellites, and other equipment.
    • Medical devices are helpful to manufacture medical devices such as operating tables and surgical instruments.

410 Stainless Steel Bar Properties

Physical Properties 


Specific Heat

Modulus of Elasticity

Thermal Conductivity

Melting Point 

Electrical Resistivity

Yield Strength

Elongation in 



0.28 lbs/in3

0.11 BTU/lb-°F (32 – 212°F)

29.0 x 106 psi  

14.4 BTU/hr/ft2/ft/°F

2700 – 2790°F

22.50 Microhm-cm at 68°C

0.2% Offset 42,000 psi

2 in. 34%

96 Rb Maximum

Chemical Properties



















410 Stainless Steel Round Bar Applications  

The 410 stainless steel bar is a rod utilized for making various products. It is made from stainless steel and has a round cross-section. It can be in the manufacturing industry, but it can also be found in many other applications. The most common use of the 410 round bar is to make wire rope or cable.

It is a type of round bar used in the manufacturing industry. It is made of steel, which can be cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and pickled. The stainless steel bar has a diameter of 1.2 inches and a length of 1.8 inches.  It also has plenty of uses in other industries such as oil and gas, mining, power generation, and nuclear and aerospace engineering because it can withstand high temperatures and corrosion resistance.

It is undeniable that the advantages of using 410 stainless steel bar make it an ideal material for the manufacturing industry, where it is helpful in producing automotive components, aircraft parts, industrial machinery and equipment, and many more.

Why Buy a 410 Stainless Steel Bar?  

410 stainless steel bar is a type of steel that features corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and highly wear-resistant. It has a high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. This stainless steel bar is valuable in the construction industry for building bridges, skyscrapers, and other large structures. This material is also useful in manufacturing surgical instruments and dental implants.

The benefits of it are the following;

  • Strong enough to resist high pressure and heat.

  • Good resistance to chloride ions.

  • Lightweight.

  • Good ductility.

  • Excellent weldability without preheating.

  • Easy to clean with water or detergent.

  • Low carbon content makes for less pollution during production.

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