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The manufacture of medical devices and tools is an intricate process considering that even the first step of choosing the material to use is already an elaborate one.

Medical Steel

Not all types of steel are considered to be an appropriate or perhaps, a biocompatible one to ensure the health and safety of patients when said type of tools are used upon them. 

As such, the most common materials to be chosen in the creation of medical devices and tools are stainless steel and titanium, which are both considered to be under the umbrella term of medical and surgical grade steel. 

Consequently, choosing the proper material is not enough as it must go hand in hand with excellent forging and fabricating to achieve the precision and accuracy necessary for the tools and devices.

It is in the following concerns that Forte Precision Metals strives to resolve by providing high-quality medical-grade alloy steel round bar stock for all companies working in the medical and healthcare industry. 

The hardworking team of Forte Precision Metals uses innovative technology to produce outstanding medical and surgical-grade alloy steel round bar stock that surpasses strict industry regulations. 

Forte Precision Metals is a top medical alloy steel round bar supplier for general medicine and surgical applications that acknowledges the importance of providing high-quality medical-grade steel products in the daily operations of medical centers and hospitals. 

Considering that medical equipment efficiency is a must for surgeons, scientists, and everyone in the medical field, it is only important for medical organizations and all health-related centers to partner with reliable medical and surgical-grade tool suppliers that get their materials from an equally reliable medical and surgical-grade alloy steel round bar supplier. 

Forte Precision Metals is definitely that one reliable medical alloy steel round bar supplier that is capable of providing the required demands for medical grade steel either into a precision or centerless ground bar form for whatever application it may be used for!


Being known to be a reliable partner for every medical device or tool supplier, Forte Precision Metals is efficient in providing high-quality medical steel bars available in precision and centerless ground bar forms to allow the medical tool and device manufacturers flexibility in their creation and manufacturing processes.  

Knowing that specific medical steel grades and elements are crucial to the daily operations in the medical field, medical tools, and device manufacturers should only partner with a metal supplier capable of only providing safe and exceptionally processed metal bars and rods that have undergone excellent centerless and precision grinding services making it biocompatible to a patient’s body. 

Moreover, with the vast number of medical applications like biomedical implants, transplants, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, it is only necessary that a medical tool and device manufacturer should be able to acquire accurate forms and sizes and Forte Precision Metals is proud to present that their centerless and precision grinding services can provide the necessary industry-specific forms and sizes on tools and devices.  

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Medical steel grades are carefully chosen since these metals should pass stringent processes upon medical or surgical operations.


We expand our product inventory by producing more medical steel bars in varying sizes, lengths, and widths or according to customer’s request.


We stock medical metal round bars from well-suited grades intended for all necessary medical and food production applications.