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ST52 3 DOM

The ST52 3 DOM Carbon Round Bar Stock  is generally available in two forms: untreated and normalized.

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ST52 3 DOM Carbon Round Bar Stock

ST52 3 DOM Carbon steel is low-carbon manganese steel that is easy to weld and has strong impact resistance (including in sub-zero temperatures).

This material is generally available in two forms: untreated and normalized. It also has machinability similar to mild steel.

The yield and tensile strengths of this Carbon Round Bar or DOM stock can be increased by cold drawing it to size. DOM is manufactured to tighter OD and ID tolerances. This saves time on the machine and ensures the best possible weld strength.

Quality ST52 3 DOM

There are a lot of benefits that DOM stock can offer to many industries, such as Excellent machining characteristics and high yield and tensile strength. That is why Here in Forte Precision Metals, we assure you to get the round bar stocks that fit your needs.

ST52 3 DOM Common Uses

  • Tanks
  • Construction
  • Bridges
  • Engineering
  • Rail
  • Energy

DOM Stock Carbon Properties

Physical Properties 


Yield Strength 

Tensile Strength 

Elongation max 






DOM Stock Chemical Elements








0.140 – 0.180

0.150 – 0.300

1.200 – 1.400

0.020 max

0.010 max

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The st52-3 DOM stock is a new type of steel with a very high strength. It is one of the most commonly used types of steel in construction because it can be used to make buildings that are both strong and lightweight. Also, this type of steel has many advantages over other types of steel. It is less expensive, it can be machined easier, it does not have to be painted, and it has an increased resistance to corrosion.

St52-3 DOM stock is a type of steel that has been used in many different industries. It is a very strong and durable material that can be used to make a variety of tools and equipment. It has been shown that the DOM stock is stronger than other types of steel, which makes it ideal for use in buildings that need to withstand earthquakes or hurricanes.

Forte Precision Metals is here for you if you need an efficient steel round bar supplier and a centerless ground bar supplier who provides you with quality round bar stocks! We work closely with our clients to ensure that their precision ground bars are delivered to the correct specifications.

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