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86l20 Steel

86l20 steel is the most common carburizing alloy. The “L” stands for a lead addition that helps with mechanical performance. 

86l20 Steel

The cold drawn 86L20 steel bar is nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with a lead additive.

The grade is still widely used for carburizing and surface treatment, just like 8620. Compared to the normal 8620 steel bar, cold drawn steel bar provides increased machinability for products requiring higher production or more machining before carburizing or surface treatment.


86l20 Carbon is widely utilized in a variety of industries. If you are one of the industries that require this material type. Here in Forte Precision Metals, we assure you to get the 86l20 Carbon bar stocks and 86l20 Carbon round bar stocks that fit your needs

86l20 Bar Properties

  • Gears
  • Pinions
  • Plastic molds
  • Spline Shafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Oil pumps
  • Gauges

86l20 Bar Properties

Physical Properties

Tensile strength

Yield strength

Elongation in 

Reduction of area 

Brinell Hardness 


100,000 – 110,000 psi

90,000 – 100,000 psi)

2″ 15 – 20%

45 – 55%

210 – 230BHN

86l20 Bar Chemical Elements














0.035 (max)

0.040 (max)







86l20 Steel Equivalent

86l20 has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an excellent choice for many applications. It has a low carbon content, so it can be used to produce some types of delicate parts that are prone to corrosion. 86l20 bar equivalent of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel.

It has a high rate of tensile strength and yield strength, but it has lower impact and corrosion resistance than other steels. Goo thing that 86l20 has many modern, economical alternatives. The properties of this steel are so good that it can be considered equivalent to 316 stainless steel. The difference between the two grades is that it has more carbon than 316 and more uniform distribution of carbon.

86l20 bar has more expensive counterparts like A36 and A5. The price, strength, and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for construction applications where weight is an issue, or the strength requirements are very high.

86l20 Steel Properties and Excellent Abilities

86l20 bar is a type of steel that is widely used in construction and manufacturing. It is made of iron, carbon, manganese, silicon, and other elements. Also, 86l20 bar has good ductility and weldability. This makes it suitable for construction or manufacturing industries where welding is required.

Its properties are quite similar to the properties of other types of steel. It is a type of high-strength low alloy steel that is used primarily in the construction and manufacturing industries. It has a tensile strength of 95,000 PSI and yield strength of 80,000 PSI, which makes it stronger than most other types of steel.

86l20 bar is a type of steel used in the construction industry. It has high strength and toughness and is generally easier to work with than other steels. This why this steel is a type of high-strength steel in the construction industry. It is also typically used in the aerospace industry and nuclear power plants. Also, it is a type of steel most commonly used in shipbuilding. It has high strength at an elevated temperature, making it an excellent candidate for welding and riveting.

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