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1144 Steel

The 1144 Steel has Superior Machinability and Performance.

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The 1144 Steel

1144 steel is a carbon-manganese-free machining grade with optimum tensile qualities due to extreme cold working.

Grade 1144 steel is carefully treated to ease the strains created by cold working, decreasing warpage after machining, which is frequent in standard cold drawn bars.

1144 is commonly useful in industrial, machine, and tool applications. It is a high-strength, high-hardness steel that has been specially treated to relieve tensions in the metal caused by the manufacturing process. This means that after being machined or heat-treated, the 1144 round bar is less prone to warping.

1144 Stress Proof Steel Rod Round Bar

1144 Stress Proof Steel Round Bar is medium carbon steel with a high manganese and sulfur content. This grade had excellent tensile qualities when cold-pulled. It may typically be utilized without any heat treatments because of its excellent strength.

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Applications of 1144 Steel

  • Nuts
  • Shafts
  • Bolt
  • Arbors
  • Sleeves
  • Gears
  • Pinions
  • piston rods
  • screws

1144 Steel Material Properties




Tensile Strength, Ultimate 

Tensile Strength,Yield 

Elongation at Break

Reduction of Area

Modulus of Elasticity 29000 ksi

Shear Modulus 


Brinell 212

Knoop 235

102000 psi

60900 psi

21 %


29000 ksi

11600 ksi


1144 Steel Applications  

1144 stressproof steel is a type of steel that can resist the effects of stress-related mental fatigue. Stress-proof steel has a high level of resistance to stress corrosion cracking and can be useful for various purposes.

This type of steel is generally useful in industrial or construction settings, as it has a high resistance to corrosion from exposure to salt water and other harsh conditions. 1144 stress-proof steel can also be useful for bridge construction, as it does not corrode easily and will not rust when exposed to salt water.

This type of steel has been designed to resist corrosion, which means it will not rust or corrode easily. This can be helpful when the 1144 stressproof round bar is exposed to harsh environments such as salt water because it will not rust or corrode quickly.

It is also a “stress-proof” steel because it can withstand external forces without being permanently deformed. 1144 steel has a high resistance to permanent deformation and can be helpful in various applications.

There are many types of stress-proof steel. The most common type of stress-proof steel is 1144 or 1117. The 1144 grade has better resistance to wear and tear than the 1117 grade. It also has better strength properties than the 1117 grade.

Why you Should Buy 1144 Stress Proof Steel;  

Stress-proof steel is a type of steel that has been designed to resist the effects of stress. It is a type of high-strength steel that can withstand high levels of pressure and wear and tear. This type of steel is helpful in many different applications, such as in construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Here is the reason why you should consider Stress proof steel types;

  • 1144 Stressproof Steel is high-quality steel suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries.

  • stressproof steel has excellent ductility and toughness properties, which make it perfect for use in applications where high tensile strength is not required. It also has high corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • 1144 stressproof steel is an excellent choice when choosing a material that will provide longevity and durability with minimal maintenance.

  • The 1144 stressproof steel is a kind of steel with excellent mechanical properties and can resist high temperatures. It is also resistant to acid, alkali, salt water, and other corrosive media, which is why it is useful to make the frame of ships, bridges, nuclear power stations, and other heavy equipment.

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