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145 copper

The tough choice for demanding applications: 145 copper

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Heavy-duty copper made easy: Choose 145 copper

Copper with a backbone: Meet 145 copper

Because of these characteristics, it can be used in a broad range of applications. 145 copper has outstanding quality in corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. 

Also, it’s classified as suitable for both heated and cooling operations, and copper 145 can be brazed or soldered readily. Welding with oxyacetylene, gas-shielded arc welding and butt welding is only classified as acceptable.

Quality 145 Copper Stock

Are you hunting for outstanding copper stock? Here in Forte Precision Metals, we make sure you get the stocks that suit your needs.

145 Copper Common Uses

  • Electrical switches
  • Contacts
  • Electrical connectors
  • Fasteners
  • Motor parts
  • Pins
  • Soldering coppers
  • Clamps
  • plumbing fittings


Physical Properties 


Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Yield Tensile Strength 

Modulus of Elasticity 

Shear Modulus   

Melting Point

Poissons Ratio 

Machinability Percentage 

 0.323 lb/in3

42,800 psi

39,900 psi

17,400 ksi

6,380 ksi

1,924 – 1,967 F



Chemical Elements









It is a popular choice for manufacturing various types of products like electronic parts, electronic components, electric motors, etc. Here are the reasons below why choose this bar stock for your next project;

Excellent electrical conductivity

It is a type of metal that contains copper alloyed with tellurium. It has excellent electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance.

Lots of Applications

Copper 145 is used in a wide variety of industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, military, and construction. Plus, copper-tellurium alloys are a class of materials that have been used for centuries in the manufacture of tools and weapons as well as in electrical equipment such as transformers and inductors.

Notable Abilities

This is a type of copper wire with high conductivity, high strength, and low weight. It is primarily used in the aerospace industry.


Copper 145 bar stock can easily be formed into many shapes, including round wire and flat wire. The round shape makes it easy to use for coiling and winding.

Resistant to corrosion

The tellurium copper is an alloy of copper and tellurium. It is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and fatigue. This alloy has a high melting point and it can be used in various applications such as electrical conductors, heat sinks, etc.

Buy Copper 145

Forte Precision Metals is a leading online supplier of copper, tellurium, and other metal products. Copper is a highly valuable commodity and is used in many applications. Forte Precision Metals offers high-quality copper products. They offer pure copper, tellurium copper, and other types of copper alloys.

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