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c276 stainless steel

Experience unbeatable corrosion resistance with C276 stainless steel

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Get tough on corrosion with C276 stainless steel

C276 stainless steel - the ultimate solution for extreme conditions

It’s one of the strongest corrosion-resistant materials for the production process. In both oxidizing and reducing conditions, hastelloy C276 possesses high corrosion resistance.

C276 is highly resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking, pitting, crevice corrosion, and general corrosion due to its high molybdenum and chromium content, as well as the addition of tungsten.

Because of its low carbon content, hastelloy c276 can be used in as-welded conditions. It can’t be hardened with heat, but it can be toughened with cold work. The alloy’s work-hardening rate is higher than that of austenitic stainless steel, which should be avoided.

Quality C276 Stainless Steel

Hastelloy c276 is extensively applied in the extraction and processing of sour natural gas, which contains hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and chlorides, among other things.

That is why, here in Forte Precision Metals, we assure you to get the C276 Copper and Brass bar stocks and C276 Copper and Brass round bar stocks that fit your need.

Hastelloy C276 Common Uses

  • stack liners
  • absorbers,
  • ducts
  • Dampers
  • heat exchangers
  • pressure vessels
  • tanks
  • Evaporators
  • Piping
  • Flanges
  • Fittings
  • pumps
  • valves
  • sour gas service components

C276 Stainless Steel Properties


Modulus of Elasticity

Melting Range

Thermal Conductivity

Electrical Resistivity

0.321 lbs /in3

29.8 x 106 psi


67.9 BTU-in/ ft2-hr-°F

51 Microhm-in at 75°F

C276 Stainless Steel Chemical Elements















51 – 63.5

15.0 to 17.0  

14.5 to 16.5  

4.0 to 7.0  

3.0 to 4.5  

2.5 max  

0.03 max  

0.010 max

1.0 max  

0.35 max  

0.08 max  

0.04 max

C276 Stainless Steel Applications

The C276 stainless steel types are composed of hastelloy c276, which has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. This alloy can withstand severe environments, such as salt water, chlorine, sulfuric acid, and other corrosive chemicals.

This alloy of nickel and copper that has been used in the aerospace, defense, marine, and nuclear industries. Hastelloy c276 is a type of alloy steel that has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. It is used in the automotive industry for manufacturing crankshafts, camshafts, and connecting rods. 

Moreover, it is useful in the construction of tensioned structures, such as bridges and skyscrapers. It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation at temperatures up to 1000°C. Hastelloy c276 round bar has been found to have superior corrosion resistance, high strength, and good ductility. 

This makes it an excellent material for manufacturing metal parts and components in the automotive industry as well as other industries such as electronics and biomedical engineering.

Buy C276 Stainless Steel

It is a high-strength alloy that offers great corrosion resistance and excellent formability. Hastelloy c276 from forte Precision Metals is a cost-effective solution for customers looking for high-quality round bars.

one of the most widely used high-strength alloys in the world because it has great corrosion resistance, excellent formability, and good mechanical properties. Hastelloy c276 round bar  also has good weldability to make it suitable for use in various industries. That is, it is important to go to a reliable supplier.

Forte Precision Metals is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance hastelloy c276 round bar stocks in the United States. They have a wide range of products that can be used for automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Hastelloy c276 bar is one of the most popular grades of stainless steel. It has a number of uses, including in the aerospace industry, oil and gas industries, nuclear power plants, and chemical processing plants. 

Forte Precision Metals is here for you if you need an efficient steel round bar supplier and a centerless ground bar supplier who provides you with quality C276 Stainless Steel! We work closely with our clients to ensure that their precision ground bars are delivered to the correct specifications.

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