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Brass Bar Stock

Strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant brass bar stock

Brass Bar Stock for Various Applications

Brass bar stock is a type of sheet metal that is made from brass. It has good strength and can be easily shaped. This makes it ideal for making various objects with different shapes and sizes, such as furniture, doors, window frames, and more.

It has several advantages over other types of sheet metal like aluminum or steel. One advantage is the low cost. Brass rod stock is also easy to work with because it doesn’t require heat or cutting tools which may damage the metal’s surface. It also doesn’t require any special machinery to shape, unlike other metals like steel or alums, which are prone to rusting and corrosion.

Brass bar stock also has good corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for use in marine environments where salt water and other corrosive substances are present. Differences in the amounts of zinc and Copper in Brass can offer fantastic and different qualities. Brass’s attributes aren’t uniform because of the alloy’s wide range of variations.

On the other hand, these alloys are noted for their machinability and good strength retention after forming. All brass, including brass round bar stock, to malleable, although some are more so than others depending on the zinc concentration.

How Brass Bar Stock Started?

The process of making Brass started a long time ago. Until the 18th century, zinc couldn’t be made because it melts at roughly 420oC and boils at around 950oC. Crushed smithsonite ore (calamine) was burned with Copper in a crucible to produce Brass in the lack of native zinc.

Until recently, Brass wasn’t considered a technical alloy at all. For the time being, making tools out of local Copper and tin was more manageable and more cost-effective than from any other source. Predynastic Egyptians were familiar with Copper and Brass, although only the former was used frequently. Aside from its golden hue, it remained unused.

Brass was known in Greek as ‘orichalcum.’ On the other hand, Brass was referred to as ‘Aurichalum’ by some Roman authors. Sesterces coins were made from it, and golden-colored helmets were popular among Romans.

Brass Bar Stock Types

There are roughly 60 different varieties of Brass in total. Copper-zinc Brass, tin brass, and lead Brass are the three categories that have been established to make it easier to remember. Alpha Brass, Beta Brass, and Alpha-Beta Brass are also types of Brass.

Buying from you favorite brass round bar supplier? Before you do that, get to the common six types of Brass below;

Copper-zinc Brass

The combination of Copper and Brass is powerful. Copper cannot go back to its original color if it is adequately sealed. 

Tin Brass

Tin Brass is a type of Brass that is tin-plated. This is a copper, zinc, and tin alloy that is used in the production of jewelry. Admiralty brass, navy brass, and free machining brass are all examples of alloys in this category. Tin and brass alloys help to prevent dezincification in a variety of settings.

Leaded Brass

Brasses that have been added with lead are useful to manufacture copper-based screw machine material. They offer high machinability, good strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Lead plus brass to improve machinability and pressure tightness by sealing the shrinkage pores during the manufacturing process.

Alpha Brass

Alpha brass has a zinc percentage of less than 37% by weight. When it comes to machine components, these brasses are popular.

Beta Brass

Beta brasses contain more than 45 percent zinc and can only be helpful at extremely high temperatures. Hence they are not for general usage. They are not as ductile as other brasses, but they are more potent than other brasses due to their higher melting point.

Alpha-beta Brass

The zinc percentage of alpha-beta brasses (also known as duplex brasses) fluctuates between 37 and 45 percent, depending on their composition. Alpha-beta brasses are useful in a variety of applications, including gas appliances and hinges. When exposed to freezing temperatures, they harden and become ductile.

Where to Find Brass Round Bar Stock

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