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110 Copper Bar

The Ultimate Choice for Electrical Applications – 110 copper bar 

The 110 Copper Bar

110 copper bar is most recognized for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as its formability.

In addition, 110 copper bar is corrosion-resistant and has excellent hot and cold workability. Soldering is regarded as significant, whereas brazing is rated as good.

One hundred ten can be welded with care, but the inert gases necessary are generally not suggested for usage with coppers. Copper 110 is utilized for various applications, including plumbing hardware, wiring, electrical components, and telecommunication materials.

Copper in the soft temper is exceedingly pliable, making it ideal for detailed ornamental work. It was traditionally utilized in the construction of buildings. Heavy gauge material was required because of its low strength. As a result, soft temper copper is not recommended for most infrastructure projects.0

110 Copper Bar

For the majority of roofing and flashing projects, copper is the best choice. When severe forming is required, such as in difficult thru-wall flashing situations, soft copper can be utilized.

That is the reason why, here at Forte Precision Metals, we assure you to get the round bar stocks that fit your needs.

110 Copper Bar Used for;

  • Motors
  • Bus bars
  • Electromagnets
  • Plumbing Hardware
  • Wiring
  • Electronics
  • Decorative Hardware
  • Telecommunications

110 Copper Bar Properties

Tensile Strength:

Yield Strength:


32,000 PSI

10,000 PSI

55% (in 2″)

110 Copper Bar Chemical Elements






0.05% (Max.)

110 Copper Bar Applications  

110 copper bar is a type of copper used in many different applications. It has a red-brown color and is an alloy of copper and nickel. Copper is one of the most common metals on Earth, so it is no surprise that it has many uses. It can be used in pipes, cables, coins, and jewelry, among other things.

Copper is a great metal that has been used for centuries and is also made in many grades. It is a relatively soft metal that can be easily shaped and formed. Copper is also very conductive and great for carrying electricity. It is used in various applications, from electrical wiring to coins and jewelry.

The 110 copper bar is one of the most common shapes in the industry. It can be cut into other shapes or sizes to suit your needs, but this shape has a nice balance of weight, strength, and cost-effectiveness. There are many uses for copper round bar types as well. It can be used to make screws, bolts, nails, washers, and other fasteners. It can also be used to make springs or wire coils drawn through a draw plate.

The types can be found in electrical wiring, plumbing, cookware, and more. Copper also has excellent thermal properties, found in heat exchangers or boilers and other heating equipment such as radiators or air conditioners.

Forte Precision Metals is here if you need an efficient steel round bar supplier and a centerless ground bar supplier who provides you with quality copper stocks! We work closely with our clients to ensure their precision ground bars are delivered to the correct specifications.

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