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Aluminum is the leading material in the aviation industry and makes up almost 75% of an aircraft structure and composition.


This is because aluminum has high heat and corrosion resistance, high strength, and works well with coatings and paints.These features are useful when creating parts and components in the aerospace and automotive industry considering that all forged parts and components must be able to withstand extreme conditions.

Moreover, aluminum has a microscopic oxide coating on its surface preventing it from oxidizing quickly in the air.

Considering that the industries that patronize aluminum steel are mostly involved in working with extreme conditions, it is not enough that they acquire an aluminum round bar stock but rather, must also ensure that the stock they have acquired be of high quality. 

To do so, companies from various industries partner with a reliable aluminum round bar supplier capable of not only providing high-quality bar stock metal but can also provide related services that can turn an aluminum round bar into a precision-ground steel bar.

Forte Precision Metals is one

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