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52100 Steel Round Bars

When performance matters, choose 52100 alloy steel.

Quality 52100 steel Round bars

The ultimate steel for high-stress applications: 52100

When it comes to high-stress applications, there’s one steel that stands out above the rest: 52100 steel. This steel is renowned for its exceptional toughness, wear resistance, and durability, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications that require extreme strength and resilience. 

With its high carbon content and chromium-bearing composition, 52100 round bar is capable of withstanding heavy loads, high speeds, and harsh environments, without succumbing to fatigue, cracking, or deformation. 

From bearings and bushings to knives and cutting tools, 52100 round barhas earned its reputation as the ultimate steel for high-stress applications, providing unmatched performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.

52100 Steel Common Uses

  • automotive  parts
  • aircraft parts
  • bearings
  • Fasteners
  • taps
  • dies
  • punches
  • cutlery blades

52100 Alloy Steel Properties

Physical Properties


Specific Gravity 

Melting Point

Thermal Conductivity 


Modulus of Elasticity 


0.283lb / cu. in.


2595 ℉



30500 ksi

52100 Alloy Steel Chemical Elements











0.98 – 1.1

1.3 – 1.60

0.25 – 0.45

0.20 – 0.35

0.025 max

0.025 max


Why Choose the 52100 round bar?

The 52100 round bar is commonly used in the automobile, mining, and construction industries. It is also an important part of building structures such as bridges, buildings, and more. The quality of this round bar has been tested and certified by ISO.

Also, a round bar is typically used for structural steel and cold-formed steel. They are commonly used in the construction industry, engineering, and manufacturing. 52100 round bar applications are in the automotive industry for the production of car frames and body panels. They are also used in the construction industry for structural steel support columns, posts, beams, and girders.

This type of steel with high strength properties that can be found in many applications that require high strength and resistance to corrosion. The round bar is a round bar that is made of high-strength low alloy steel with high yield strength. The material has an excellent tensile strength which is often used in the manufacturing industry.

Forte Precision Metals is here for you if you need an efficient steel round bar supplier and a centerless ground bar supplier who provides you with quality 52100 round bar stocks! We work firmly with our clients to ensure that their precision ground bars are delivered to the correct specifications.

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