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4140 Steel

For applications that demand toughness and durability, choose 4140 steel.

Stronger. Tougher. 4140 steel

4140 steel is built to last, built to perform

It is almost identical to AISI 4130 chrome moly alloy steel but has a moderately higher carbon content. In comparison to AISI / ASTM 4130 alloy steels, AISI 4140 steel has a higher carbon content, which offers much more strength and heat treatment capabilities, but it also has limited weldability.

The 4140 round bar is a chromium molybdenum alloy steel that is extensively used in general purpose high tensile steel for axles, shafts, bolts, gears, and other operations.


The AISI 4140 cold rolled rounds are available in the 41L40 variant that contains 0.15-0.35 lead. The lead content improves machinability but has a significant effect on other desirable properties of this alloy steel.

We know many businesses ignore the need of knowing which alloy steel grade to use for specific applications. Forte Precision Metals guarantees that you will receive the best 4140 Alloy bar stocks and 4140 round bar stocks that meet your requirements.

4140 Steel Common Uses

  • Strippers
  • bolts
  • axle 
  • Shafts
  • piston rods
  • conveyor pins & rolls
  • milling spindles
  • motor shafts
  • pinch bars
  • pins
  • pinions
  • hydraulic machinery 
  • forks
  • nuts
  • tracks shafts
  • tool 
  • bodies
  • bolsters
  • Hafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Gears
  • collars


Physical Properties

Tensile strength

Yield strength 

Bulk Modulus 

Shear Modulus 

Elastic Modulus 

Poisson’s Ratio 

Elongation at Break

Brinell Hardness



95,000 PSI

60,200 PSI

20,300 KSI

11,600 KSI

26,557 – 30,458 KSI

0.37 – 0.30

(50mm) 25.7%


65 (set to AISI 1212 as 100 Machinable)

Chemical Elements


Carbon, 0.380 – 0.430 %

Chromium 0.80 – 1.10 %

Iron 96.785 – 97.77 % (As remainder)

Manganese 0.75 – 1.0 %

Molybdenum 0.15 – 0.25 %

Phosphorous ≤ 0.035 %

Silicon 0.15 – 0.30 %

Sulfur ≤ 0.040 %


0.380 – 0.430 %

0.80 – 1.10 %

96.785 – 97.77 % (As remainder)

0.75 – 1.0 %

0.15 – 0.25 %

≤ 0.035 %

0.15 – 0.30 %

≤ 0.040 %


Why buy a 4140 Round Bar?

There are many reasons why you should buy a 4140 round bar. For starters, it has a high tensile strength and is corrosion resistant. It is also lightweight – which means that it’s easy to carry.

4140 round bar is a type of steel with a carbon content of 0.4% or lower, which makes it more resistant to corrosion than other types of steel. It can be used for various purposes such as building construction and manufacturing tools, among others. It is a popular choice for those who need a high-quality steel bar. There are many reasons why this type of steel is preferred over other types of steel bars.

The first reason is that the 4140 round bar has a higher tensile strength than other types of steel. The second reason is that it has better machinability, which means it’s easier to work with and less likely to have any machining defects. The third reason is that the 4140 round bar has greater corrosion resistance compared to other types of steels, which means it can last longer without rusting or corroding.

4140 round bar stock is a type of steel with high strength and stiffness. It is used in the construction industry for the manufacture of bridges, buildings, and other structures. Also, the 4140 round bar stock has many advantages over other types of steel such as being able to be cut, welded, drilled and bent without losing its strength. It is also heat resistant to a certain extent.

4140 Steel Bar Stock Applications

4140 steel bar types are used in a wide range of applications and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be found in many buildings and industrial structures around the world. It is a type of high-strength steel that is used in a wide range of applications. This makes it is valuable in the construction industry, aircraft manufacturing, mining, and many other areas.

The 4140 round bar stock can also be used to make parts for airplanes and other aerospace vehicles because of its high strength-to-weight ratio. Lastly, it is useful as a structural or reinforcing material for concrete and masonry walls. It also has excellent corrosion resistance and toughness making it ideal for use in marine environments.

Forte Precision Metals is here for you if you need an efficient alloy steel round bar supplier and a centerless ground bar supplier who provides you with quality 4140 round bar stocks! We work closely with our clients to ensure that their precision ground bars are delivered to the correct specifications.

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