Interesting Things About Steels You Never Know Existed

Known as a highly versatile and great strength metal used in big industries and manufacturing, steel also has its interesting facts you never know existed.


We have been using steel almost in all phases of our living – may it be in our appliances, transportation, manufacturing, production, infrastructure, and even in accessories. However, we must have overlooked how they are brought in the first place or their true purpose. To sum it all up here is quirky take on some of the interesting facts about steel!

Stainless Steel Origin: An Accidental Discovery?

An English metallurgist, Harry Brearley, was the first to invent rustless steel (stainless steel) literally for cannons, trying to find a way on how to prevent the cannon bores from erosion. Aside from carbon steel, he found out that chromium-contained steels were highly resistant to chemical attack and rusting.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

Steel is compact with the excellent elements on earth, granting it with exceptional mechanical properties. These properties make stainless steel highly resistible to rust, corrosion, wear, and oxidation. This is the reason why most of the manufacturers prefer stainless steel to be the material used in big industries like automotive, aerospace, and architecture.

Self-repairing Metal

One amazing thing about stainless steel that separates it from other forms of steels, is that it is a self-repairing metal. The metal itself produces a thin oxide film for coating itself from the unsightly blotches and rust, which is the way to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

100% Recyclable

Steels are highly recyclable metals. Over a long period of time, steel won’t change it mechanical properties and won’t lose its strength so they can be recycled and reused again and again. To clean an aged steel bar prior to reuse, centerless grinding can be one of the best ways to restore its outer appearance and enhance surface finish!

Expanding Elements

Stainless steels are dominantly made of steel and iron which expand when heated. This is the reason behind why Eiffel Tower in Paris, France becomes six-inch taller during summer than in winter.

Great Strength

Steel is a metal with the best strength and it is roughly 1000 times stronger than iron in its pure form.

Stainless Steel Soap?

Studies have proved that steel can remove odor from the skin. This is the actual theory behind an old chef’s kitchen trick of rubbing hands on a steel surface like a knife or sink to remove the smelly garlic odor from the hands. Now, “stainless steel soap,” said to be rampant in the market for that purpose.

Steels have never failed to amaze us with its versatile features and characteristics. Though we may have seen them almost everywhere we turn, we may have also overlooked on how they are formed in the first place or the science behind it – which is why we enlisted all here together.

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