The Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak in the Automotive Industry

Cars hold a huge factor in providing mobility among humans. Some even consider owning a car before investing in housing as it is more affordable and easier to maintain. As such, the mobility and the limiting factor a car provides against human contact has been especially helpful during this COVID-19 pandemic.

ForteBlog7 In fact, according to a CNBC news article, even with the coronavirus crisis, many people are buying cars. Such a surge is only understandable considering the somewhat protection it offers against risks and threats posed towards personal safety in taking the public or ridesharing transportation these days.

Seeing the increase of people buying cars even with the pandemic, this only means that car dealerships will have to step up their efforts not only to cater to their customers but also in efficiently complying with the advice of medical authorities of limiting person-to-person interactions, social distancing, and mask-wearing.

In the same manner, car dealers are not the only ones required to step up their efforts when it comes to complying with efforts on coronavirus prevention as manufacturers and car parts suppliers will also surely have to modify how they will have to go about their centerless grinding and other related metalworking operations with their workforce bearing in mind quality and efficiency in creating car tools and components at the same time.

‘COVID Cars’ Surge Effect In Car Manufacturing

The threat towards mobility during the pandemic has really left people scrambling towards buying cars of their own. With the government-initiated lockdowns imposed in towns and cities, this led people who rely merely on public or ride sharing transportation to be unable to easily shop for necessities or go for important errands.

 With the re-opening of economy and governmental efforts of getting everybody back to work, it seems a good choice for others to buy their own car especially if one wants to secure his/her own personal safety in these times.

 Seeing the surge of buying cars, this in effect results in car manufacturers and even car parts suppliers to double their efforts not only in ensuring safe work practices avoiding the spread of virus in the workplace but also in ensuring the efficiency as to how they manage their centerless grinding or perhaps their gear grinding processes as well as the quality of the produced and manufactured tools, components, and essential car parts.

 This only means that the industry must modify their processes to remain efficient while ensuring the tolerances, pump shaft quality, bearing shaft quality, and other precision shaft qualities expected from necessary tools and components in the manufacturing and assembly of automotive parts.

As To Safe Work Practices

Considering the fact that the pandemic is not yet over, it is important that the companies in the industry remain vigilant by strictly imposing mask-wearing as well as physical distancing practices among their workforce. Also, it will benefit companies to regularly sanitize not only the working area but also the metalworking machines such as those of their centerless grinding machines, gear-grinding machines, and other related working tools that workers have to operate to ensure a pump shaft quality or bearing shaft quality out from metal and other steel materials.

 As an added measure, companies should further provide personal protective equipment for their workforce and follow other OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Guidance to reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.

 If companies play it right by taking proactive measures in protecting their workforce, they might be able to win their workers’ loyalty and encourage better production when it comes to producing pump shaft quality or bearing shaft quality car tools and components even with the difficulties posed by the pandemic in the car manufacturing industry.

As To Efficiency In Manufacturing

With most companies in the industry experiencing financial losses due to lulls in car purchases, this may have driven most of them to implement retrenchment strategy in their workforce. The reduced workforce may result in affecting the efficiency they once had before the pandemic hit.

 With reduced workforce, efficiency of workers as to how they go about centered or centerless grinding and other polishing or metalworking operations critical to the production of essential machine and car parts will surely be suffering. It is in such a manner where employers should implement their cost-cutting procedures which involve incorporating advancements in technology to ensure that they still get the desired pump shaft quality with engine shafts and crankshafts to be produced or secure the bearing shaft quality tolerances of stainless steel parts in an automobile.

 It is in such a manner that the pandemic has forcefully motivated car manufacturers and car parts suppliers to make aggressive efforts in embracing what advanced technology has to offer and incorporate it into their manufacturing processes. By applying advanced technology, centerless grinding, creep-feed grinding, and other abrasive grinding processes will be more efficient towards creating small tools and parts with higher form and excellent finish tolerances. Moreover, maximizing the utilization of advanced technology in their manufacturing processes allows them to further produce excellent qualities when it comes to the creation of steel rods or gears that need to have the pump shaft quality or the bearing shaft quality necessary to complete a fully-functioning automobile.

As such, utilization of advanced technology in the industry not only affords the creation of excellent car tools and components with the right precision shaft quality may it be bearing shaft or pump shaft quality but it also allows the ease and efficiency when operating the different metalworking machines such as those of centered, centerless grinding, and other abrasive grinding machines.

As To Digitization of Car Purchase

 Incorporation of advanced technology proves to be essential when it comes to shifting from traditional to digital retail experience with automobiles. Although there is not much of centerless grinding or other abrasive grinding process included in the car buying experience of customers, utilization of advanced technology is still much involved and allows automotive brands and auto dealers to reimagine the way they provide the best buying experience for their customers.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of strategies incorporated already in improving car purchases despite the challenges this year. Seeing also as how most consumers are shifting their purchasing experience towards digital channels, it is all the more necessary for the automotive industry to follow suit.

Some of the industry efforts involve virtual test drives that can be easily initiated at home to live video conferencing and messaging with professional technical assistants and car parts suppliers that will help determine the customer’s choice of automobile if it has excellent car parts and rods with the right pump shaft quality or gears with excellent bearing shaft quality. If such efforts blossom well into the industry then it will surely elevate the customer experience to unimaginable heights.

What Awaits for the Industry?

Seeing how the pandemic has destroyed or somewhat improved some processes in the automotive industry, one can only wonder how it would fare once it subsides.

With the advancements of technology and the positive things it can do to the industry, one can only conclude how much it will flourish in its different sectors. Starting from the manufacturing of car parts in the execution of centerless grinding and such other abrasive mechanical processes ensuring the pump shaft quality of the water pump in a car engine or the outstanding bearing shaft quality of its gears and shafts up to the digitization of car purchases, there is definitely so much in store for automotive industry working hand in hand with technology.

Despite the bright future that awaits the industry, it might be best to focus all efforts first in ensuring the automotive industry stays alive in this pandemic.To do so, the industry must secure all efforts to ensure that manufacturing and retailing sectors continue to have smooth processes.

This only means that each sector of the industry must first ensure the safety of their workforce by following the necessary OSHA Guidelines which includes strict implementation of physical distancing and mask-wearing. Each sector must as well ensure the frequent sanitation of work areas especially the manufacturing sector where the operation of machines of which the different metalworking operations such as centerless grinding processes are to be performed to achieve the high quality precision needed whether it may be pump shaft quality or bearing shaft quality of car tools and components. Moreover, the industry can also lean into digital technology and get creative when it comes to marketing newly assembled automobiles. It is only by extensive patience and perseverance can the industry withstand the difficulties and challenges posed by the pandemic.

As such, if you are a car parts supplier or a car manufacturer and you wish to acquire or perhaps, outsource centerless grinding and other metalworking processes to ensure exceptional pump shaft quality out from steel rods to be used for the car engine or excellent bearing shaft quality for gears then don’t hesitate to reach out and request a quote from [cn]!

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