Stainless Steel Bar And Its Various Grades

Stainless Steel Stock offers a wide array of specific steel grades that are used in different applications. Learn more what it can offer.

Stainless Steel Stock – The Best Stainless Steel for Your Needs


A wide array of stainless steel grades and types are now already out in the market. Having to know these stainless steels may be useful in manufacturing components, constructions, cutlery, and even for medical. Known features and properties in steel are the major reasons why it is highly sought in the construction and manufacturing industries – perfect for all types of applications.

Stainless steel products are popular with many manufacturers. Many construction sites and manufacturing industries are in need of these steel bars. This can last a lifetime and has an accurate hardness, and machinable features are in demand. These steels have ordinary grades up to excellent and austenitic grades.

Among the most common stainless steel grades highly sought after in the manufacturing industry are 303, 304, 316, 416, 420, 450, etc. And these steel grades have different purposes and applications.

Stainless Steel Rods Comes in Bars

Stainless Steel Bar does not just settle for one kind. Nevertheless, most stainless steel suppliers are now in pursuit of producing more stainless steel products with different steel grades to make them suitable and applicable for all manufacturing operations and constructions and various uses.

303 Stainless Steel

Due to the presence of sulfur in its component, the 303 stainless steel grade has the machinable nature. However, the presence of sulfur adds the tendency that the corrosion resistance of this steel grade will decrease and its toughness will also slightly lower.

304 Stainless Steel

It has a higher corrosion resistance than 303 and its toughness is excellent as with other genuine grades.

316 Stainless Steel

This steel grade is also known as marine-grade stainless steel. It suits best for surgical and food steel. 316 grade has an additional molybdenum content that gives better corrosion-resistant properties and superior strength at an even higher temperature.

410 Stainless Steel

This kind of steel is martensitic, which contains high-strength chromium/iron. It has wear resistance but less corrosion resistance.

416 Stainless Steel

This is an upgraded bar by simply adds more sulfur, making it easy to machine.

420 Stainless Steel

It is a cutlery grade martensitic and has excellent polishability. It is similar to the original rustless steel.

440 Stainless Steel

Knives are usually made from 440 stainless steel. It has a higher grade of cutlery steel, containing more carbon. When properly heated, it allows for better edge retention. It is also one of the hardest.

Other Exceptional Uses of these Round Bars

Stainless steel bars not just play a significant role in manufacturing processes or in construction industries, some of its grades and types are also applicable in medical or surgical operations. For example, 316 stainless steel bars are perfect to be made into medical steel bars which are highly useful by surgeons and experts. This bar with its level of grade enables itself to undergo cleaning and sterilization without damage to its surface or even scratch.

How to Choose the Right SS round bar Stainless Steel Grade

Stainless steels are materials with high resistance to corrosion, fabrication and strength characteristics. These metals can meet wide ranges of design criteria, including lifetime service and low maintenance. Forte Metals offers an extensive array of ferritic and austenitic grades of steel bars including 303, 304, 316, 416, 17-4, and more varieties of steel grades – all processed under thorough conditions to reach accurate polishability and perfect retention.

All the machining operations by Forte Precision Metals, Inc. includes centerless grinding, bar chamfering, bar abrasive cutting, etc.

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