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Tool steel grades are machined to various finishes to be used for a lot of applications like open die forgings.

Tool steel, when excellently machined, can be available in various tool steel grades to be critically picked and organized according to their suitable applications. 

Each well-machined tool steel grade differs regarding their featured properties and strengths as well as for their combined element contents.


Depending on a client’s specifications, we can transform tool steel into appropriate precision or centerless ground bar forms.  

Accordingly, they are most suited for die forging applications with the great toughness and hardness they have which allow them to be used mostly in machining and cutting other metals.

Please see our table of tool steel grades below:

A2medium air hardening tool steel; capable of deep hardeningslitters, die shapes, and similar applications
A10keeps distortion at minimum level upon hardeningthread rolling dies and intricate die shapes
D2high chromium, high carbon type tool steels; highly wear resistant; deep hardening alloythread rolling dies and blanking and forming dies
D3has high wear resistant; deep hardening alloy; has high comprehensive strengthforming rolls, draw dies, blanking and forming dies, powder metal tooling
D5capable of deep hardening; has low resistance to heat softeningblanking and forming dies, thread rolling
H11chromium, hot work type tool steels; has good toughness; low in carbon contentaircraft landing gear
H13contains strengthening agents; softening resistant at high temperaturesdie casting, die work, extrusion dies
H21has tungsten content; toughness reducedused for tolling and hot working dies
H26softening resistant; has higher tungsten contentforming dies and hot extrusion
M2higher version of M1 tool steel; has better wear resistancecutting tools
P20mold steel; has high hardness and toughnessinjection molds and die casting dies
W1simple high carbon steel; easily hardened by quenching and heatingcold heading, metal cutting tools, embossing taps and reamers, cutlery

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