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We supply tool steel bars in rounds with a variety of finish options for any of your specific applications and parts.

Forte Precision Metals, an efficient tool steel round bar supplier, expands its product inventory that can be done in machining materials into varying finishes to meet the different requirements of customers and comply with the vast demand of many industries. 



Tool steel grades are carefully picked and machined with the help of our efficient team to achieve the desired finish and tolerance. We work on continuous product quality inspection to assure effective results.

We boast our tool steel round bar stock and related products to be highly sought by various industrial and manufacturing engineers and designers upon the construction and structure of parts and components.

With its high demand mostly in the construction and engineering industry, we supply a wide array of tool steel forms but we do specialize in tool steel bars that play major functions in machining and cutting which are usually formed into a hot or cold finished bar.

Along with our extensive line of product inventory, Forte Precision Metals provide value-added machining operations which include cutting, grinding, machining, milling, chamfering, polishing, turning, and burnishing so the specific material requirement is achieved. We can even provide your tool steels either into a precision ground or centerless ground steel bar. 

All materials are roughly machined and are always tested for their quality and finishes by our expert quality inspection control team.

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