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Our tool steels display excellent wear properties and good toughness which are suited for creating tools.

Tool SteelTool steel possesses hTool Steelard properties obtained from heat treated condition. They can be used for cutting and machining other types of metals like carbon steels, alloy steels, magnesium, and aluminum. Forte Precision Metals extends its inventory up to the production of tool steel materials that are applied in open die forgings which include discs & hubs, seamless rolled rings, shafts, blocks, flanges as well as other forged shapes that are machined to finished components.
We do manufacture tool steels and tool steel forgings as well as other operations upon customer’s request. We see to it that we can meet corporate specifications which include custom lengths and odd sizes.
These steels can be melted to various alloy specifications to comply with the requirements of your various applications.

Below are some of the manufactured parts using Tool Steels:

  • machine tools
  • trimmers & cutting tools
  • tooling blocks
  • dies and tools used for casting, molding, and stamping
  • wear plates
  • drill bits and end mills
  • mining equipment parts


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We supply tool steel bars
in rounds with a variety of finishes options for any of your specific applications and parts.


Tool steel grades
are machined to various finishes to be used for a lot of applications like open die forgings.