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Titanium, a rich alloy, is often used in aerospace equipment, medical equipment, race cars, and other products that are constantly subjected to stress in machining processes.

TitaniumHowever, it is notable that among the industries enumerated, a titanium alloy round bar stock and other similar products are highly utilized in the aircraft construction industry.

With its durable and lightweight properties as well as its ease of incorporation of other metals, it is often the material of choice especially in applications frequently using stress to create structures demanding high-quality material. 

Moreover, its high resistance to corrosion as well as its high strength to density ratio further entices companies from various industries to acquire a titanium alloy round bar stock or two from a reliable titanium alloy round bar supplier.



titanium round bars stockTitanium is easily alloyed with other metals like iron, aluminum, and molybdenum. As such, industries get ahold of excellent titanium alloy round bar stocks and use them along with other metals to produce lightweight and strong alloys for various applications, the most prominent one is the creation of military equipment.

Round steel section rolling profile in stacked. Warehouse of metal products.

Other industries that may also need titanium ground bar stock include:

  • Medical industry for the creation of prosthetics and instruments
  • Agri-food production
  • Aerospace engines
  • Automotive engines
  • Gas and oil exploration

If you are a company that belongs to industries that need an excellent titanium alloy round bar stock every now and then, Forte Precision Metals, a reputable titanium alloy round bar supplier and precision grinding services provider in  9234 Parklane Ave, Franklin Park, Illinois, can provide you with the highest quality of stocks you will ever have.

Additionally, Forte Precision Metals, Inc. provides more than just quality round or ground bar stocks. 

With the cooperation of our hardworking team, we also provide excellent precision grinding services to give companies the ground bar stock with the highest tolerances necessary for their various industry applications.

Furthermore, we also do other service options to come up with your exact material requirement upon manufacturing parts and components.

We shape them to perfection whether you require supplies in a round or centerless ground bar form.

To accommodate more orders for titanium ground bars and centerless ones, Forte Precision Metals, Inc. is open for national delivery and global exports of round bar stocks that are necessary for any manufacturing process.

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