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We have stainless steel round bar products in stock. Contact us for the best prices, varied grades and sizes.

Forte Precision Metals extends production of stainless steel products like stainless steel rods in varying sizes and grades to meet every requirement set by customers.

These steel bars are made for specific applications including automotive construction, military equipment, as well as in marine applications.

Please contact us if you cannot find the specific product size that you want. You can also inquire about our stainless steel round bar prices.

Stainless Steel Round Bar Stock

FORTE0.0625 inches1.5875 mm1/16 inches0.010 lbs/ft0.01488 kg/m
FORTE0.0938 inches2.38252 mm3/32 inches0.0240 lbs/ft0.035712 kg/m
FORTE0.125 inches3.175 mm1/8 inches0.042 lbs/ft0.062496 kg/m
FORTE0.1563 inches3.97002 mm5/32 inches0.065 lbs/ft0.09672 kg/m
FORTE0.1875 inches4.7625 mm3/16 inches0.094 lbs/ft0.139872 kg/m
FORTE0.2188 inches5.55752 mm7/32 inches0.128 lbs/ft0.190464 kg/m
FORTE0.25 inches6.35 mm1/4 inches0.167 lbs/ft0.248496 kg/m
FORTE0.2656 inches6.74624 mm17/64 inches0.189 lbs/ft0.281232 kg/m
FORTE0.2813 inches7.14502 mm9/32 inches0.211 lbs/ft0.313968 kg/m
FORTE0.3125 inches7.9375 mm5/16 inches0.260 lbs/ft0.38688 kg/m
FORTE0.3438 inches8.73252 mm11/32 inches0.316 lbs/ft0.470208 kg/m
FORTE0.375 inches9.525 mm3/8 inches0.376 lbs/ft0.559488 kg/m
FORTE0.4063 inches10.32002 mm13/32 inches0.440 lbs/ft0.65472 kg/m
FORTE0.4375 inches11.1125 mm7/16 inches0.512 lbs/ft0.761856 kg/m
FORTE0.4688 inches11.90752 mm15/32 inches0.588 lbs/ft0.874944 kg/m
FORTE0.5 inches12.7 mm1/2 inches0.668 lbs/ft0.993984 kg/m
FORTE0.5313 inches13.49502 mm17/32 inches0.753 lbs/ft1.120464 kg/m
FORTE0.5625 inches14.2875 mm9/16 inches0.844 lbs/ft1.255872 kg/m
FORTE0.5937 inches15.07998 mm19/32 inches0.942 lbs/ft1.401696 kg/m
FORTE0.625 inches15.875 mm5/8 inches1.043 lbs/ft1.551984 kg/m
FORTE0.6563 inches16.67002 mm21/32 inches1.15 lbs/ft1.7112 kg/m
FORTE0.6875 inches17.4625 mm11/16 inches1.264 lbs/ft1.880832 kg/m
FORTE0.7188 inches18.25752 mm23/32 inches1.381 lbs/ft2.054928 kg/m
FORTE0.75 inches19.05 mm3/4 inches1.502 lbs/ft2.234976 kg/m
FORTE0.7813 inches19.84502 mm25/32 inches1.63 lbs/ft2.42544 kg/m
FORTE0.8125 inches20.6375 mm13/16 inches1.761 lbs/ft2.620368 kg/m
FORTE0.8438 inches21.43252 mm27/32 inches1.903 lbs/ft2.831664 kg/m
FORTE0.875 inches22.225 mm7/8 inches2.045 lbs/ft3.04296 kg/m
FORTE0.9063 inches23.02002 mm29/32 inches2.192 lbs/ft3.261696 kg/m
FORTE0.9375 inches23.8125 mm15/16 inches2.35 lbs/ft3.4968 kg/m
FORTE0.9688 inches24.60752 mm31/32 inches2.508 lbs/ft3.731904 kg/m
FORTE1 inches25.4 mm1 inches2.671 lbs/ft3.974448 kg/m
FORTE1.0625 inches26.9875 mm1 1/16 inches3.012 lbs/ft4.481856 kg/m
FORTE1.125 inches28.575 mm1 1/8 inches3.38 lbs/ft5.02944 kg/m
FORTE1.1875 inches30.1625 mm1 3/16 inches3.77 lbs/ft5.60976 kg/m
FORTE1.25 inches31.75 mm1 1/4 inches4.173 lbs/ft6.209424 kg/m
FORTE1.3125 inches33.3375 mm1 5/16 inches4.598 lbs/ft6.841824 kg/m
FORTE1.375 inches34.925 mm1 3/8 inches5.05 lbs/ft7.5144 kg/m
FORTE1.4375 inches36.5125 mm1 7/16 inches5.523 lbs/ft8.218224 kg/m
FORTE1.5 inches38.1 mm1 1/2 inches6.01 lbs/ft8.94288 kg/m
FORTE1.5625 inches39.6875 mm1 9/16 inches6.517 lbs/ft9.697296 kg/m
FORTE1.625 inches41.275 mm1 5/8 inches7.053 lbs/ft10.494864 kg/m
FORTE1.6875 inches42.8625 mm1 11/16 inches7.611 lbs/ft11.325168 kg/m
FORTE1.75 inches44.45 mm1 3/4 inches8.18 lbs/ft12.17184 kg/m
FORTE1.8125 inches46.0375 mm1 13/16 inches8.77 lbs/ft13.04976 kg/m
FORTE1.875 inches47.625 mm1 7/8 inches9.39 lbs/ft13.97232 kg/m
FORTE1.9375 inches49.2125 mm1 15/16 inches10.032 lbs/ft14.927616 kg/m
FORTE2 inches50.8 mm2 inches10.684 lbs/ft15.897792 kg/m
FORTE2.0625 inches52.3875 mm2 1/16 inches11.357 lbs/ft16.899216 kg/m
FORTE2.125 inches53.975 mm2 1/8 inches12.061 lbs/ft17.946768 kg/m
FORTE2.1875 inches55.5625 mm2 3/16 inches12.79 lbs/ft19.03152 kg/m
FORTE2.25 inches57.15 mm2 1/4 inches13.52 lbs/ft20.11776 kg/m
FORTE2.3125 inches58.7375 mm2 5/16 inches14.28 lbs/ft21.24864 kg/m
FORTE2.375 inches60.325 mm2 3/8 inches15.07 lbs/ft22.42416 kg/m
FORTE2.4375 inches61.9125 mm2 7/16 inches15.88 lbs/ft23.62944 kg/m
FORTE2.5 inches63.5 mm2 1/2 inches16.69 lbs/ft24.83472 kg/m
FORTE2.5625 inches65.0875 mm2 9/16 inches17.53 lbs/ft26.08464 kg/m
FORTE2.625 inches66.675 mm2 5/8 inches18.41 lbs/ft27.39408 kg/m
FORTE2.6875 inches68.2625 mm2 11/16 inches19.30 lbs/ft28.7184 kg/m
FORTE2.75 inches69.85 mm2 3/4 inches20.20 lbs/ft30.0576 kg/m
FORTE2.8125 inches71.4375 mm2 13/16 inches21.12 lbs/ft31.42656 kg/m
FORTE2.875 inches73.025 mm2 7/8 inches22.08 lbs/ft32.85504 kg/m
FORTE2.9375 inches74.6125 mm2 15/16 inches23.06 lbs/ft34.31328 kg/m
FORTE3 inches76.2 mm3 inches24.04 lbs/ft35.77152 kg/m
FORTE3.125 inches79.375 mm3 1/8 inches26.08 lbs/ft38.80704 kg/m
FORTE3.25 inches82.55 mm3 1/4 inches28.21 lbs/ft41.97648 kg/m
FORTE3.5 inches88.9 mm3 1/2 inches32.72 lbs/ft48.68736 kg/m
FORTE3.75 inches95.25 mm3 3/4 inches37.56 lbs/ft55.88928 kg/m
FORTE4 inches101.6 mm4 inches42.74 lbs/ft63.59712 kg/m
FORTE4.25 inches107.95 mm4 1/4 inches48.25 lbs/ft71.796 kg/m
FORTE4.5 inches114.3 mm4 1/2 inches54.09 lbs/ft80.48592 kg/m
FORTE4.75 inches120.65 mm4 3/4 inches60.26 lbs/ft89.66688 kg/m
FORTE5 inches127 mm5 inches66.78 lbs/ft99.36864 kg/m
FORTE5.25 inches133.35 mm5 1/4 inches73.62 lbs/ft109.54656 kg/m
FORTE5.5 inches139.7 mm5 1/2 inches80.80 lbs/ft120.2304 kg/m
FORTE5.75 inches146.05 mm5 3/4 inches88.31 lbs/ft131.40528 kg/m
FORTE6 inches152.4 mm6 inches96.16 lbs/ft143.08608 kg/m
COMING SOON.. Meanwhile, if you cannot find the material that you are looking for, please call or contact us!
COMING SOON.. Meanwhile, if you cannot find the material that you are looking for, please call or contact us!

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