17-4 PH ‘stainless steel’ round bar is one of PH stainless steels that are easily welded, machined, and formed.

Bronze Round Bar Forte Precision Metals stocks a wide inventory of stainless steels in a variety of steel grades and types including 17-4 PH round Bar stainless steel which is among the highly sought stainless steel materials in the industry.

These bars combine high hardness and strength along with great resistance to corrosion. In addition, they can age-hardened by low-temperature single-step treatment.

17-4 PH grades deliver the great combination of corrosion and oxidation resistance properties, thus, engineers and manufacturers always pick 17-4PH stainless steel upon their specific applications.

17-4ph round bars can be formed, welded, and forged. They can be formed under a solution-annealed state or in a heat-treating condition.

Ductility and strength as desired properties can be obtained undergoing the material to heat-treated conditions at different temperatures.