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Stainless steel has outstanding characteristics essential in a wide variety of applications.

Stainless Steel

In focus, stainless steel bars manifest excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and with proper machining, it will result in a smooth surface finish. It is also interesting to note that a stainless steel bar has 12% percent of chromium content responsible for its good corrosion resistance.


Yet, that’s not the only thing the chromium content does for stainless steel as it also contributes to improving its ductility, hardness, high strength, workability, and formability.

Additionally, stainless steel bars are low-cost as they are 100% recyclable and recoverable which industries swipe such an opportunity and use a stainless steel round bar stock transforming it into a centerless ground bar, hot-rolled bar, cold rolled bar, cold-rolled steel bar, or even precision-ground steel bar in applicable areas of their businesses. 

A stainless steel round bar stock can already do a lot of things which is why it is often the most chosen material for various metalworking operations of centerless grinding, saw cutting, turning, and more.

Forte Precision Metals sees the demand for supplies of stainless steel round bars, whether in round or centerless ground bar form, from a wide range of industries.

Accordingly, we always strive hard in providing high-quality round or ground bars intended for various applications.

At present, we provide to a lot of companies from a wide range of industries such as the automotive, medicine, aircraft, construction, oil and chemical processing, and military equipment industries, to name but a few. 

We continue to improve in every way we can and be the most dependable stainless steel round bar supplier here, in the Midwest. 

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With how versatile stainless steel is, it is no wonder that stainless steel bars and rods come in different shapes formed according to their intended applications. 

Forte Precision Metals, the reliable stainless steel round bar supplier to most companies here in the Midwest, specializing in supplying stainless steel round bar stock, also accept custom-made orders befitting clients’ specifications such as turning all of it into a hot-rolled, cold-rolled bar, or precision ground bar stock. 

Stainless steel is used in nearly all typical applications, creating trim, shafts, braces, awnings, and even the framework of a building which is why we intend to match the steel’s versatility by providing applicable grinding and other machining operations with it. 

Forte Precision Metals, an all-rounder stainless steel round bar supplier, also caters to requests of stainless steel in hex, square, or flat bars and even transforms them into a cold rolled bar, hot rolled bar, cold-rolled steel bar, or have the entire stock turn into precision ground bar stock depending on your industry’s specifications.


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