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420f Stainless Steel Round Bar

420F Stainless steel grade is a general-purpose, free-machining version of 420 stainless steel. It’s chromium steel that can be heat treated

420F Stainless

420F stainless steel is a martensitic alloy melted as an AOD melt type. It's the same as 420 stainless steel, but with the addition of sulfur to increase machinability substantially.

When hardened, this alloy has great corrosion resistance, and when annealed, it has good ductility. This grade is utilized in applications similar to 420, but where intricate geometries necessitate excellent machinings, such as dentistry and surgical equipment.

420F Stainless BAR STOCK

There no denying that 420F stainless steel possesses good machinability that is because of the addition of sulfur.

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420F Stainless Commonly Used for;

420f Stainless Steel Suppliers

Physical Properties 

Tensile strength 

Yield strength 

Elastic modulus 

Poisson’s ratio 


95000 psi

55100 psi

27557– 30458 ksi


420F Stainless Chemical Elements



















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You can count on Forte Precision Metals to provide premium quality 420f stainless steel. A wide selection of products is offered at reasonable costs. It is a type of stainless steel known for its rust resistance. It is used in many construction, manufacturing, and mining industries. It also has many applications in the medical field, such as surgical equipment and implants.

The advantages of 420f stainless are that it is easy to weld, machine, form, shape, and cut. This makes it easier to work with than other types of steel. 420f stainless steel suppliers offer various 420f stainless steel products at competitive prices.

Over many years, Forte Precision Metals has earned a reputation for producing reliable goods. We are widely recognized as a trusted source for a wide variety of products that are also of excellent quality and reasonable cost. Among the many sectors our wares find application are the culinary, building, and aviation sectors.

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