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316lVM Surgical Stainless Steel

316LVM stainless steel is the most popular medical steels.

316lvm stainless steel

The most popular medical stainless steel is 316LVM stainless steel. To break down the nomenclature, it's a low-carbon variant of 316 that's been vacuum arc remelted to remove impurities.

Stainless steel 316LVM (low carbon vacuum melt) is medical-grade stainless steel that is vacuum melted to attain high levels of purity and cleanliness. 316 surgical stainless steel is resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion, as well as general and intergranular corrosion. The vacuum melt produces a smoother surface finish. so 316lvm stainless steel is very fine to use in medical equipment.

The chemical changes are intended to improve the alloy’s corrosion resistance and produce a ferrite-free microstructure. Even after extensive cold forming, the alloy remains nonmagnetic.

316LVM Stainless BAR STOCK

The most popular medical stainless steel is 316LVM. So, get yours here in Forte Precision Metals. We assure you to get the  316LVM Stainless bar stocks and 316LVM Stainless round bar stocks that fit your need.

316LVM Stainless Commonly Used for;

  • Chemical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • marine applications
  • architectural applications
  • food processing
  • pharmaceutical equipment
  • medical devices
  • potable water processing

316LVM Stainless Properties

Physical Properties


Electrical Resistivity

Thermal Expansion 

Specific Heat 

Thermal Conductivity

Modulus Elasticity





(0-100°C) 485J.kg-1.°K-1

16.3W.m -1.°K-1


316LVM Steel Chemical Elements



















What is 316lvm stainless steel Popular For?  

316lvm stainless steel rod is high-grade stainless steel that is used in the medical field. This material is known for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It has a corrosion resistance of 316l with a chromium content of 18% or more. It is widely used in the medical industry because of its high corrosion resistance and durability. 316lvm surgical stainless steel is used in hospitals, operating rooms, dental surgeries, laboratories, and more. 316lvm stainless rod steel can also be used for industrial purposes such as manufacturing equipment, boilers, turbines, etc.

316lvm surgical stainless steel types are used in medical applications such as surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, and bone screws. These products are typically made from 316lvm stainless rod steel but with additional additions such as titanium, cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, or nickel. It has excellent corrosion resistance and strength properties due to the high content of chromium in its composition.

316lvm surgical stainless steel stocks have many applications in the medical field. This material can be used for cutting tools like scalpels and saws; these can also be used to make screws that are strong enough to resist breakage during surgery or implant. Also, 316lvm surgical stainless steel is a type of stainless steel, a common alloy used in the construction industry for its high corrosion resistance and strength.

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