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Our nickel and high-temperature alloys are subjected to stringent environments because of their special magnetic properties.


Nickel is a highly ductile and heat-resistant alloying element necessarily combined with other elements to deliver and create more desirable features. Nickel alloys are usually combined with copper, aluminum, titanium, chromium, and iron to get superior performance they want to see from the end product.

On the other hand, high temperature alloys are metal alloys intended to be utilized and withstand temperatures as high as 500°C and above. As such, the most common high-temperature alloy is the nickel-based one. 

High temperature alloys are characterized to be durable and excellently resistant to corrosion.

Consequently, nickel and high-temperature alloys exhibit key characteristics such as excellent mechanical strength, resistance, good surface stability, and excellent resistance to corrosion. 

As such, nickel and high-temperature alloy steel round bar stock or more are used primarily in corrosive environments like power generation applications, chemical plants, jet engines, and oil rigs due to its ability to highly perform at elevated temperatures and environment.

With the great chemical compositions that nickel alloys and other high-temperature alloys exhibit, such metals either in precision or centerless ground bar forms are quite expensive to acquire for companies under industries requiring such.

Nickel Alloy Stock

With its unique strength and excellent corrosion resistance properties at elevated temperatures, it is only understandable that a nickel alloy steel round bar stock will be in demand with manufacturers in industries requiring its characteristics. 

If the demand for excellent quality of high-temperature and nickel alloy stock continues to remain high, it might be difficult for manufacturers to acquire their demands.

As such, manufacturers need a reliable nickel alloy steel round bar supplier with extensive bar stocks, not only capable of providing excellent quality of nickel alloy stock but can also provide appropriate centerless and precision grinding services.

Forte Precision Metals, a reputable nickel and high-temperature alloy steel round bar supplier in [location], is capable of supplying you with nickel and high-temperature bar stocks with fine tolerances and excellent finishes. 

We have stocked nickel-steel alloy round bars and high-temperature alloys that are applied in forgings to come up with desired finished parts and components. We have a full production of quality products and on-time product supply for all types of customers across local and global sectors.

Forte Precision metals is also known to accommodate its clients and customers specifications and can therefore produce nickel and high-temperature alloy bar stocks either in precision or centerless ground bar forms. 

For all your nickel and high-temperature alloy steel round bar stock needs as well as precision grinding services, contact us for more information and send us a Quote for your material requirement and we will give you the best price guarantee for our nickel-based alloys!

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