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Our nickel and high-temperature alloys are subjected to stringent environments because of their special magnetic properties.

AluminumNickel and high-temperature alloys are used primarily in corrosive environments like power generation applications, chemical plants, jet engines, and oil rigs. With the great chemical compositions that nickel alloys exhibit, these metals are quite expensive. This, sometimes, causes other steel alloy suppliers decline large stock of the alloys.

Nickel Alloy Stock

Forte Precision Metals has stocked nickel-steel alloy round bars and high-temperature alloys that are applied in forgings to come up with desired finished parts and components. We have a full production of quality products and on-time product supply for all types of customers across local and global sectors.

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Hastelloy is usually used in a welded condition which can stand to all temperatures and concentrations of hydrochloric acid.


Martensitic stainless
like Custom 450 Alloy has yield
strength that can be machined and heat treated.


We stock monel bar made out of monel 400 grades that are highly resistant to seawater and various acids and corrosive media. 


Nickel alloy exhibits excellent mechanical properties and attributes that hold high temperatures and strength and corrosion resistance.


Inconel Bar has varying grades that have specific designation and uses in certain areas, parts, or structures.