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Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Not all varieties of steel are regarded as suitable or even compatible. The steel should ensure the health and safety of patients. As a result, the most frequent materials used in the manufacture of medical devices and tools are stainless steel.

Medical Grade Steel Applications in the Medical Industry

Medical grade stainless steel is specifically chosen because these metals must undergo rigorous processes to be safe and fully used during medical or surgical procedures. Stainless steel is referred to as “medical steel” due to the qualities that make them suited for medical purposes.

However, not all stainless steel grades are suitable for medical and surgical procedures. While the qualities of stainless steel perform well in general medical applications, only a few grades are recommended for usage and are regarded as highly biocompatible.

Medical Grade Steel Bar

304 and 316 are the most commonly utilized stainless steel in medicine. Surgical steel is a term used to describe these grades. In the manufacturing of medical springs, 301 medical grade round bar is the metal of choice. There are further uses for 420, 440, and 17-4PH in the pharmaceutical industry.

Martensitic stainless steels have a lower corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless. A Martensitic stainless steel mill produces cutting tools and non-implant equipment.


In cold work, the flexibility increases, but the corrosion resistance reduces. Medical stainless steel is popular because of its durability, heat resistance, surgical capabilities, and corrosion resistance.

Staples, IV poles, and surgical gloves are examples of medical equipment that employs them. Manufacturers must pay special attention to quality control and manufacturing parameters because of the product’s outstanding durability and use in specialized applications.

Forte Precision Metals: Medical Grade Round Bar Supplier

Steel bars of varying diameters, lengths, and widths are added to our product line to meet our clients’ needs. Our company, Forte Precision Metals, makes sure that these steel bars are always in stock because they are in great demand in the medical business.

To ensure their safety during medical procedures, we treat our surgical steel bars to the point where they may be cleaned and sterilized to the highest standards. Additionally, we have added austenitic and martensitic stainless steels to our metal and grade resources.

Precise grinding services for 316, 420, and 440 medical grade stainless steel are available from Forte Precision Metals. Plus, our stainless steel products come in a variety of steel grades and depending on your business, you can choose between precision ground or centerless ground bar forms.

We are committed to meeting customers’ needs in either precision or centerless ground bar shapes for their individual needs. If you have questions about our medical stainless steel grades or want to obtain a quote, please call us or visit our website now!

Are you interested in our medical stainless bar stock and centerless ground bar services?

Our items are custom-made for every one of our client’s unique needs. To create high-quality products that satisfy the diverse demands of our customers, we follow a set of procedures and methods.

Call us or request a quotation online today for your medical grade round bar needs!

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