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Aluminum Steel Bar

We do stock a full inventory of aluminum grades that can be used in forged parts or depending on customer-specified machining requirement.

Forte Precision Metals considers itself as superior to all types of metal production, obtaining enough strategies and innovations to come with different products intended for varied purposes.

We have our inventory line of aluminum steel bar that is made out adhesive bonding or mechanical fastening. There are such special techniques that are necessary to weld aluminum materials to other metals such as steel, magnesium, copper, and titanium but sometimes, they do create brittle compounds. Bimetallic transition inserts and coating dissimilar metal prior to welding are the common methods for doing such operation.

These methods are usually used for bonding aluminum to dissimilar metal together, hence forming a bimetallic transition which is done through explosion welding, flash welding, rolling, friction welding, and hot pressure welding resulting in a unique production of aluminum flat bar stock.

Aligned with our goal, Forte Precision Metals do extend our expertise upon innovating different methods of manufacturing our products so we can adhere to the high demand of industries and any other sectors.

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