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For an aluminum bar stock metal to have accurate features, it must undergo rigorous mechanical testing to determine the heating condition and environment they are suitable at.

Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy has an extensive range of different grades that have varied properties used in many different applications. 

As such, Forte Precision Metals has aluminum alloys available in an extensive range of grades that are used for applications like discs, rolled rings, blocks, flanges, shafts, hubs, and other forged components that are machined into desired finished parts.

Moreover, we provide heat-treatable continuous production of aluminum round bar stock in varying grades to meet the requirements set by customers locally and globally.

Below is a table detailing Forte Precision Metals’ aluminum grades:

1100pure aluminum; readily stamped, spun, forged, and drawnused for architectural, industrial, and home uses
2014precipitation hardening alloy; has good strength after heat treatmenttruck frames, aircraft structure
2024high strength, age hardening aluminum alloyaircraft structures, truck wheels, screw machine products, orthopedic braces and equipment, scientific instruments
2219age-hardenable aluminumused for applications at elevated temperatures
5083non-treatable alloy; has good corrosion resistanceused for welded, unfired pressure vessels, drilling rigs, transportation equipment, TV towers, missile component, marine
5086high strength structural alloy; non-heat-treatablemissile components, transportation equipment, drilling rigs, TV towers, welded pressure vessels
6061heat treatable aluminum alloyused for heavy-duty structures, marine and truck components, furniture, railroad cars, tank fittings, furniture, wire products, pipelines
6063extrusion alloy; heat treatablefurniture, stair rails, windows, pipe railing
7049forging alloy; heat treatable; stress corrosion cracking resistantstructural forgings, missile and aircraft industries
7050heat treatable; has high strength and toughnessaircraft and other structure
7075heat treatable; has good properties at low temperaturesused in aircraft and other aerospace applications
7079high-strength alloysuited for highly stressed parts especially in aircraft industry
7175has high strength; heat treatable; has combined strength and toughnessmachined fittings in aircraft industry
7475offers fracture toughness and strengtused in fighter, transport, and commercial airplanes

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