We do stock a full inventory of aluminum grades that can be used in forged parts or depending on customer-specified machining requirement.

Alloy Steels Forte Precision Metals has aluminum alloys available in an extensive range of grades that are used for applications like discs, rolled rings, blocks, flanges, shafts, hubs, and other forged components that are machined into desired finished parts.

Aluminum grades are earned such recognition as the best alloy grades possessing the low density and light weight as well as the exceptionally tough mechanical properties.

Aluminum Table Grades

There are certain aluminum grades that are intended for specific uses, Please see our aluminum table grade for more information.

1100 pure aluminum; readily stamped, spun, forged, and drawn used for architectural, industrial, and home uses
2014 precipitation hardening alloy; has good strength after heat treatment truck frames, aircraft structure
2024 high strength, age hardening aluminum alloy aircraft structures, truck wheels, screw machine products, orthopedic braces and equipment, scientific instruments
2219 age-hardenable aluminum used for applications at elevated temperatures
5083 non-treatable alloy; has good corrosion resistance used for welded, unfired pressure vessels, drilling rigs, transportation equipment, TV towers, missile component, marine
5086 high strength structural alloy; non-heat-treatable missile components, transportation equipment, drilling rigs, TV towers, welded pressure vessels
6061 heat treatable aluminum alloy used for heavy-duty structures, marine and truck components, furniture, railroad cars, tank fittings, furniture, wire products, pipelines
6063 extrusion alloy; heat treatable furniture, stair rails, windows, pipe railing
7049 forging alloy; heat treatable; stress corrosion cracking resistant structural forgings, missile and aircraft industries
7050 heat treatable; has high strength and toughness aircraft and other structure
7075 heat treatable; has good properties at low temperatures used in aircraft and other aerospace applications
7079 high-strength alloy suited for highly stressed parts especially in aircraft industry
7175 has high strength; heat treatable; has combined strength and toughness machined fittings in aircraft industry
7475 offers fracture toughness and strengt used in fighter, transport, and commercial airplanes