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7075 Aluminium Alloy Round Bar Stock

High strength, mediocre corrosion resistance, and poor weldability and workability characterize 7075 Aluminium Alloy. It’s also machinable to a certain level.

7075 Aluminium Alloy

7075 Aluminum is part of the 7000 series family of alloys, including this one. As a result, zinc is its primary alloying element.

Zinc is added to strengthen the strength of the product. It also has chromium and copper in it.

7075 aluminum is frequently used in high-strength applications, but you may want to examine other possibilities for your application.

The strength of 7075 aluminum alloy is its most important feature. While it does not have the same corrosion resistance or weldability as other popular alloys, its resistance to stress and strain makes it ideal for aircraft applications where weight savings over steel are desired.

7075 Aluminium Alloy

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7075 Aluminium Alloy Commonly Used for;

  • aircraft structures
  • bicycle frames
  • electrical fittings
  • heat sinks
  • Rock climbing equipment

7075 Bar Stock Properties

Physical Properties 


Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Tensile Yield Strength 

Shear Strength 

Fatigue Strength 

Modulus of Elasticity 

Shear Modulus 

0.102 lb/in³

83000 psi

73000 psi

48000 psi

23000 psi

10400 ksi

3900 ksi

Aluminum 7075 Elements



















7075 Aluminium Round Bar Common Applications

It is widely available and affordable. 7075 aluminium round bar is suitable for various applications such as aircraft, boats, cars, bridges, and buildings.

Aluminium 7075 round bar is the most commonly used alloy in the aerospace industry. It is a popular choice for the aerospace industry due to its excellent strength-to-weight. Moreover, this 7075 aluminium round bar is an important component in manufacturing various products. It is used to make everything from aircraft components to car parts.

7075 Aluminum Bar Fantastic Advantages

7075 aluminum bar is a form of aluminum alloy. It is widely used for manufacturing purposes and has many applications. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is resistant to corrosion.

7075 aluminium round bar is an ideal material for aerospace, automotive, marine, and even power generation industries. It’s also used to construct bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure projects.

The advantages of aluminium 7075 round bar are that it can be machined with high accuracy, easily welded or riveted together to form strong joints, and low thermal conductivity.

It has many other uses. It can be used as a structural part to make things like frames or bars. The 7075 aluminum bar is great for home improvement projects because it’s lightweight and durable. Homeowners can use it to build shelves, fences, and other similar projects around their homes.

Buy an Aluminium 7075 Round Bar

There are many reasons to buy an aluminum bar, and it is a good choice. For example, it is corrosion-resistant and has a low weight. 7075 aluminum bar provides more surface area and can be cut easily with a saw without damaging the product. Plus, aluminium 7075 round bar is one of the most common types of aluminum used in manufacturing. It is strong enough to withstand industrial use but also light enough to be used as a building material.

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