2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock

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2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock

2011 Aluminum is a high-mechanical-strength alloy with excellent machining properties. 

2011 Aluminum Bar stock

2011 Aluminum has good machinability, particularly in terms of free-cutting capabilities and good mechanical properties.

It offers outstanding surface finishing qualities as well. Metal chips break off small and easily when machined, providing clean finishes and precise tolerances. Weldability, strength, and anodizing reaction are all regarded as ordinary at best, and corrosion resistance is not very excellent.

2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock

Here at Forte Precision Metals, we offer excellent quality 2011 Aluminum stocks. We assure you to get the 2011 Aluminum bar stocks and 2011 Aluminum round bar stocks that fit your needs.

2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock Commonly Used for;

  • Screw
  • Gears
  • Clocks
  • Cameras
  • Speedometers

2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock Properties

Physical Properties 


Tensile Strength 


Melting Point 

Modulus of Elasticity 

Electrical Resistivity

Electrical Resistivity 

Thermal Conductivity

Proof Stress 


2.82 kg/m3

275 Min MPa

A50 mm 12 min %D


71 GPa

0.45 x 10-6 Ω.m

0.45 x 10-6 Ω.m

138 W/m.K

125 Min MPa

2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock Chemical Elements

















All About 2011 Aluminum Bar Stock

2011 aluminum is one of the most popular metal alloys used in the construction, aerospace, automotive, and engineering industries.

2011 aluminum bar stock is a type of metal that can be used for many different purposes. It’s lightweight and can withstand high temperatures. It also has a low density and good corrosion resistance properties.

The 2011 aluminum bar stock is an alloy of aluminum with copper and other elements to make it stronger and more durable than pure aluminum. This alloy makes the bars lighter than pure aluminum bars with the same strength properties.

2011 aluminum bar possesses exceptional mechanical properties and machinability, particularly regarding its capacity for free cutting. In addition, using it might result in a very high-grade surface finish.

The 2011 aluminum bar is a type of aluminum alloy. It is an alloy that has higher strength and rigidity than other types of aluminum.

The benefits of using the 2011 aluminum bar include:

– Lower cost than other types of aluminum

– Improved performance over traditional materials

2011 Aluminum Round Bar Stock Applications

Applications such as precision machine parts, small precision gears, and screw machine components are typical uses for 2011. Plus, 2011 aluminum is a fantastic material to look at if you don’t require anything that can be constructed in the shortest amount of time possible and doesn’t place a premium on high strength.

During the machining process, the 2011 aluminum round bar can be chipped off quickly and in little pieces, which makes it possible to achieve smooth surfaces and precise tolerances. The alloy’s weldability, strength, and anodizing response are all rated below average, while the alloy’s corrosion resistance is somewhat adequate.

2011 aluminum round bar is always a popular choice for many industries because of its corrosion resistance and lightweight. It is often used for making aircraft, cars, bicycles, and boats. Also, the 2011 aluminum round bar is used in many different applications such as aerospace, automotive, building and construction, packaging, and transportation. The 2011 aluminum round bar is also widely used in the automotive industry to make parts that can resist corrosion, like bumpers and fenders.

It is no doubt that the 2011 aluminum bar stock is the most widely used type of metal. It is a type of aluminum that has been cut into a round bar shape. 2011 aluminum bars are one of the most versatile metals in the world. They are used for everything from building construction to aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

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