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8740 Alloy Steel Bar

8740 Alloy is low-alloy nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with excellent hardenability, strength, and toughness.

8740 steel

This alloy is forged at a starting temperature of around 2200oF and can be forged as low as 1700oF(925oC).

After forging, the alloy should be slowly cooled, but it can also be transported to a furnace at a temperature close to the forging finishing temperature, soaked, and air-cooled.

A microstructure consisting of coarse lamellar pearlite to coarse spheroidite is regarded as ideal for this alloy’s machinability. Austenitizing at 1525oF, furnace cooling to 1340oF, then cooling to 1180oF at 20oF/hr can produce such a structure. An iso-anneal at 1225°F is another option.


AISI 8740 | UNS# G87400 is roughly equal alloy steel to AISI 4140. This alloy is being used in applications that require a high level of strength, hardness, and wear resistance. It’s extensively utilized as forged fasteners with great strength.

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8740 Alloy Commonly Used for;

  • aircraft fasteners
  • tool joints 
  • engine bolts
  • axles
  • piston rods

8740 Steel Suppliers

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength 

Yield Strength 


Hardness bhn





bhn 229

8740 Alloy Chemical Elements

Properties Imperial

Carbon .38 -.43%

Chrome 0.40-0.60 %

Manganese 0.75-1.00 %

Molybdenum 0.20 – .30%

Nickel 0.40 -0.70%

Phosphorus .035% max

Sulphur 0.04% max

Silicon 0.15- 0.30%


38 -.43%

0.40-0.60 %

0.75-1.00 %

0.20 – .30%

0.40 -0.70%

035% max

0.04% max

0.15- 0.30%

More About 8740 Alloy Steel

This 8740 steel is very versatile and has a wide range of uses. It can be used in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine, and power generation industries. 8740 alloy steel is a high-strength low-alloy steel that has good corrosion resistance. This makes it very suitable for environments where corrosion resistance is essential. The properties of this 8740 steel alloy make it the perfect choice for applications that require high strength, low weight, and good corrosion resistance.

8740 alloy steel is a type of high-strength steel that is used in some of the most demanding applications. It has a strength level of up to 48,000 psi, which is about twice as strong as the American standard 1020 carbon steel. 8740 steel is used for various applications such as railings, roofing, scaffolding, and more.

Moreover, 8740 steel is high-strength alloy steel with excellent toughness and ductility. It can be used in the automotive, construction, aerospace, and other industries to manufacture parts such as gears, shafts, fasteners, and other critical components.

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Forte Precision Metals has been in the business for many years, and in this time, they have grown to become one of the leading 8740 steel suppliers. They have a wide range of products, including carbon and stainless steel, mild steel, high-strength steel, and more.

Alloy steel suppliers are widely available in the market today. But Forte Precision Metals stands out because it offers superior quality materials at a reasonable price. The steel market is competitive, and Forte Metals is one of the excellent choices for 8740 steel suppliers to get high-quality products. 8740 alloy steel can be made into various shapes and forms such as flat bars, round bars, plates, pipe, wire, and wire rods. It also comes in different grades depending on its intended use.

Forte Precision Metals is one of the reliable 8740 steel suppliers that provides the best quality material to its customers. The company offers various services, including custom-made components for machinery, industrial production, and construction.

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