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41L40/41L42 Alloy

Screw machine operations benefit from 41L40/41L42 Alloy steel round bar. They are broadly used alloy steels that seem to be a major hit in the market.

41L40/41L42 Alloy Steel Round Bar

41L40 Alloy is chromium-molybdenum alloy steel with a high hardenability that can be oil-hardened.

The chromium content allows for complete hardness penetration, while the molybdenum contributes to hardness uniformity and strong strength. Variations in the heat treatment process for 4140 might result in an incredibly diverse set of characteristics. As a result of its self-scaling qualities, 41L40/41L42 Alloy Steel Round Bar is frequently utilized as forging stock. 

In the heat-treated state, 4140 reacts well to heat treatment and is quite straightforward to machine. The “L” indicates that the material has been treated with lead to increase machinability.

Meanwhile, the alloy steel grade 41L42 is a precipitation hardening alloy steel with chromium as one of its alloying elements. It has a high hardenability and exceptional hardness penetration because of its high chromium concentration. It also contains molybdenum, which contributes to the consistency of its high strength and hardness.

It is commonly utilized in its raw state, however, it is normally heat-treated before use. This alloy steel grade has greater machinability, however, it should not be utilized in temperatures beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In leaded alloy steel grades, high temperatures can reduce ductility.


Wear resistance and strong strength, as well as exceptional ductility and stress resistance at extremely high temperatures, are all characteristics of these alloy steels

Many businesses ignore the need of knowing which alloy steel grade to use for specific applications. Forte Precision Metals guarantees that you will receive the best 1L40/41L42 Alloy bar stocks and 41L40/41L42 Alloy round bar stock that meets your requirements.

41l42 Steel Commonly Used for; 

  • Trailer axles with oil well joints
  • Tractor axles, tractor arms, and stay bolts
  • Subs and bolts
  • Kelly bars and drill collars
  • Die casting dies and reamer bodies made of zinc
  • Axle shafts and valves
  • High-temperature bolts and sprockets
  • Spindles and chain links
  • Winch shafts and piston rods
  • Shafting and couplings for rotary tables
  • Shafts, rams, and precision lead screws for hydraulic machinery

41L40/41L42 Alloy Steel Round Bar Properties

Physical Properties

Tensile strength 

Yield strength 

Elongation in 

Reduction of area 

Brinell Hardness 


95,000 – 105,000 psi

85,000 – 95,000 psi

2 15 – 25 %

50 – 60%

200 – 230 (BHN)

41L40/41L42 Alloy Chemical Elements

Properties Imperial

Carbon 0.38-0.43

Manganese 0.75-1.00

Phosphorus 0.035 (max)

Sulfur 0.040 (max)

Silicon 0.15-0.35

Chromium 0.80-1.10

Molybdenum 0.15-0.25

Lead 0.15-0.35




0.035 (max)

0.040 (max)





Why Purchase a 41L40/41L42 Alloy?

41L40/41L42 Alloy Steel Round Bar is high-strength Steel with excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in construction, transportation, and other industries. 41L42 Steel has the same properties as 41L40 but has a slightly higher strength.

41L40/41L42 Alloy has many benefits over other alloys. These include low density, good machinability, excellent corrosion resistance, and high tensile strength. When it comes to buying 41L40/41L42 Alloy for your next project or steel project, choose the right supplier for you.

41L40/41L42 Alloy are very strong steels. These are the most popular steel bars widely utilized in the construction industry. 41L40 and 41L42 steel bars are typically employed for structural purposes.

An alloy is a mixture of two or more elements that react together to form a new compound with different properties than either element alone. The composition can vary depending on the desired properties of the Alloy, but it typically consists mostly of iron and carbon. Alloy steels have many uses, including construction, automotive, agricultural equipment, and machine tools.

Uses of 41L40/41L42 Alloy

41L40/41L42 Alloy is high-strength, low alloy steel. It has a higher yield strength and lower carbon content than other steel grades. 41l40 alloy steel is used in the automotive industry for the engine block and cylinder head castings. 41l42 round bar is general purpose steel with good machinability.

41l40 alloy steel and 41l42 Steel can be utilized for many different applications, including:

  • Engine block and cylinder head castings
  • Automotive industry
  • General-purpose Steel

The 41L40/41L42 Alloy Steel Round Bar is a versatile alloy that has been used for years in various applications. It has been employed as an alloy to make other steels stronger and more durable. 41L42 Steel is a type of Steel that is applied in various applications. It is usually applied in construction, manufacturing, and mining. Also, 41l40 round bar is a type of steel commonly used in the automotive industry. It is stronger than standard Steel and has a slightly higher yield strength.

41L40 round bar is alloy steel made up of chromium and molybdenum that can be formed into bars with different diameters. 41L40 alloy steel is also called 41l40 round bar, and it can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and forms, such as wire rods, bars, plates, rounds, and wire.

41l40 round bar refers to a rod or bar with an outer diameter of 40mm and an inner diameter of 42mm. This site can be found in the automotive industry for manufacturing parts, such as cylinder head covers, oil pan covers, and other components that need a smooth finish.

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