Grinding Steel Bars to Perfection

Grinding steel bars to get the closest tolerance, high precision, perfect surface finish while cutting away unwanted parts – all under one roof!


Grinding is such a critical process which gives final judgment to the tolerance, straightness, and precision of a steel bar. This takes a thoroughly abrasive method of biting and cutting away unwanted bar parts from the material to improve the outer surface.

A wide variety of steel parts from simple to complex may require grinding due to a lot of reasons:

  • Accurate tolerance needed
  • Precise straightness
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Abrasive material removal

The grinding method had become popular and useful to most operators since it can bring all necessary work under one roof – in fast lead times. The fast material removal accomplishes high-precision work, bringing out the desired physical attributes of a steel bar.

Grinding steel can be done in various ways, depending on the kind of workpiece requiring specific tolerance, cut, and diameter:

Centerless Grinding

This method is best fit to give precision and close tolerance to all machined materials. This is a widely known abrasive grinding process that has been firstly considered in the machining industry. The centreless way can do a raft of machining processes in a single pass which includes polishing, boring, turning, and cleaning. Centerless grinding can be done in two different methods such as the:

  • Thru-feed grinding The thru-feed grinding method is used to grind long, round bars. The workpiece (bar) is fed on the grinding machine and is pulled by the regulating wheel past the grinding wheel and then flies out on the opposite side. Typically used for long bars and tubes for automotive and engineering applications.
  • Infeed grinding The infeed grinding method is used for grinding steel materials with relatively complex shapes and geometric figures. The workpiece is held stationary in the blade to allow the abrasive cutting motion to get rid of excess parts. With the use of three-point positioning, the machine can grind even the smallest diameter. Best used for parts like camshafts and gear shafts.

OD Grinding

The Outside Diameter (OD) grinding is used to meet exact finish requirements and close tolerance in steel bars. It has four major divisions of techniques which differ depending on the way the workpiece is mounted in the feed direction. OD grinding is ideal for parts with either single or multiple diameters and even for external diameters with cuts or any feature which can cause disrupted cut.

ID Grinding

The Inside Diameter (ID) grinding method is used to grind several faces and bore in just a single operation. The operation used multifunctional cylindrical ID grinding machines to grind multiple faces and bores to get exact dimensions. This is highly applicable for materials like stainless steels, carbon steels, and aluminum to be used in industries like automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, and marine.

We include all these essential grinding solutions to give perfection to steel bars, for more details about our services and product availability, Contact Us Today!

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