Centerless Grinding Services

We do offer centerless grinding service operations for the production of quality materials with accurate roundness and polish.

Centerless Grinding Services - Forte Precision MetalsForte Precision Metals extends its capabilities to perform precision grinding operations that are necessary to the various industries we served.

Centerless grinding can be one of the highly sought metalworking operations with the full package of output it brings to raw materials like stainless steel and aluminum rounds, bars, etc.

The machinery and the tools used upon this operation can do multi-functional tasks like buffering, polishing, and cleaning of materials that can result in an all brand new product with accurate and precise roundness and polish.

Centerless Grinding can be better than milling or metal turning with the multiple advantages in varying applications in which hard materials are to be machined. This process can exceptionally produce extremely high shape accuracy and dimensional accuracy, excellent friction properties to the material’s surface, low surface roughness and waviness. Thus, abrasive cutting tools are used as well as abrasive coating(a cutting material with abrasive grains or grit) held in a binding matrix to complete the operation.

To meet the specific demands set by our customers and various industries, we expose ourselves to different functions and tasks so we can perfectly perform all the necessary operations upon your manufacturing targets.

Outside Diameter(OD) Grinding

OD Grinding has been considered one of the extremely used machining strategies for crankshafts and camshafts in the automotive industry.

Within the course of ascending demands and requirements for industrial developments, outside diameter grinding has its division of techniques that differ depending on how the workpiece is being mounted and based on the feed direction. Forte Precision Metals internalizes the whole grinding principles upon all our grinding operations to ensure we obtain high quality in all our product outputs.

In addition, we do all these step-by-step processes to perfectly complete the operation:

  • Peripheral-transverse OD Grinding
  • Centerless peripheral-transverse OD Grinding
  • Peripheral-longitudinal OD Grinding
  • Centerless peripheral-longitudinal OD Grinding

This operation is primarily for centerless grinding tolerances outer surface of a workpiece. The wheel and the workpiece rotate in a similar direction. When the two external surfaces contact each other, they actually move in opposite directions that can create smoother precision centerless grinding operation.

We have these capabilities upon our outside grinding operations:

  • Materials – steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, nickel, titanium
  • Tolerance (+/-) – .0002 in .0051 mm
  • Roundness – .000050 in .0127 mm
  • Part Outside Diameter – Up to 762 mm Up to 30 in
  • Part Length (OD) – Up to 3886 mm Up to 153 in
  • Industry Focus – Medical, marine, military, aerospace, automotive/track/transportation
  • Intended Application – Mold grinding, machinery, tooling/fixtures

Internal Diameter(ID) Grinding

For multiple applications, ID Grinding is the best tool that can bring out high precision in materials with varying diameters and surface textures.

ID Grinding is considered as one of the best grinding techniques that bring out perfect functional surfaces in parts and components that are necessary to build a non-positive connection with the shaft or axle.

This method is also similar to the outside diameter grinding process, this is also done through variants of techniques that are based on the grinding direction:

  • Peripheral-transverse ID Grinding
  • Peripheral-longitudinal ID Grinding

In the behavior between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, both techniques relatively exhibit identical properties to OD Grinding between the centres. Internal grinding is primarily used for refining bores with high-precision fit in machining both hard and superhard materials in varying diameters through a single pass.

Forte Precision Metals sees the essentials in performing grinding operations like ID grinding with the multiple advantages it brings as a tool for a lot of applications.

We have these capabilities in doing Internal Diameter Grinding for customer-specifications:

  • Materials – steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, nickel, titanium
  • Tolerance (+/-) – .0002 in .0051 mm
  • Roundness – .000050 in .0127 mm
  • Part Inside Diameter 5 to 1270 mm .200 to 50 in
  • Part Length (ID) Up to 1829 mm Up to 72 in
  • Industry Focus – Medical, marine, military, aerospace, automotive/track/transportation
  • Intended Application – Mold grinding, machinery, tooling/fixtures

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is the best alternative for machining large quantities of a round, long or thin parts and components.

This machining operation is used for removing material from the workpiece and for components and parts that have geometries not suited for outside diameter grinding. This involves the use abrasive cutting by two rotary grinding wheels which will determine the rate as to when the material is going to be removed from the workpiece.

Centerless grinding has been a widely sought and used machining operation with the precise and accurate roundness and polish it brings out to any raw material especially in rounds and bars.

In addition, this also allows many functional tasks including finishing, polishing, cleaning, and roughing that are just performed through a single pass only.

Forte Precision Metals centerless grinding service is at its best upon performing precision centerless grinding operations with considerations in these following principles: Basic Understanding of Grinding Fundamentals, Use of Productive and Multi-functional Machines and Tools, Constant Quality Control Inspection and Consistent Dressing Systems and Profile and Shape Dressing Rolls.

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