Burnishing Stainless Steel Metal

Our burnishing services are professionally operated to achieve enhanced and shinier surface texture of any form of metals.

Burnishing Stainless Steel Metal Services - Forte Precision MetalsForte Precision Metals extends its full capacity of performing necessary and effective metal operations for different purposes. We expand our machining capability by performing burnishing stainless operation to produce smoother and more polished texture finish in materials suited for specific applications.

Burnishing is a work hardening and polishing of materials that have a metallic surface. This process is used for smoothing and hardening the surface which creates a finish that can last longer compared to a non-burnished material. This is desirable in long-lasting bearing surfaces such as pivots and pivot holes, as well as to other tools and types of materials.

Certain types of metals that do not react to burnishing are used like plated burnished stainless steel metal. It may sometimes be likened to polishing but they do differ a lot.

Polishing stainless steel produces smooth finish by the removal of material to achieve the desired finish.

Burnishing, on the other hand, is hardening and stretching of material with a minimal part loss. The surface is plastically deformed through cold flowing of the subsurface material. It results in a tough, work-hardened surface and mirror-like finish with the load-carrying properties, making the burnished surface exceptionally better than finishes achieved through abrasive metal-removal methods.

In addition, by the use of functional and advanced burnishing tools, corrosion resistance, fatigue life, and appearance are improved as the material parts accurately finished and sized.

Forte Precision Metals have various model options that are uniquely designed to meet all your manufacturing and industrial requirements. We also extend our equipment options for accommodating part-to-part size variations, parts with obstructions, and through-feed applications.

We have our burnishing capabilities applied to varying part configurations such as:

  • Outside diameter (shafts)
  • Inside diameter (holes)
  • Tapers
  • Flat surfaces
  • Spherical surfaces and contours