Custom 450 Alloy

Martensitic stainless like Custom 450 Alloy has yield strength that can be machined and heat treated.

Custom 450There are possible methods to be used upon machining and heat treating custom 450. This metal has machinability properties that have feeds and speeds comparable with other martensitic steels. For best yield results, slow speeds and positive feeds are used. Primarily, custom 450 alloy metals are generally employed in applications requiring standard austenitic fail in strength and martensitic fails in corrosion resistance.

Custom 450 alloy is one of age-hardenable materials that exhibit moderate strength similar to that of stainless 410 and very good resistance to corrosion similar to that of Stainless 304. This alloy can be machined in a lot of manners, they are also good for hot-working and cold forming.

Custom 450 stainless exhibits an excellent yield strength in annealed condition and it could be easily fabricated. What develops its good toughness and ductility is the single-step aging treatment. Well, preheating material is not really necessary and both shielded fushion and resistance have usually been employed. These metal demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion with moderate strength.