Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a metal alloy that combines the strength of iron and carbon and balanced toughness and ductility.

Carbon SteelForte Precision Metals stocks a wide inventory of carbon steel that is a well-suited material for construction and for other applications. We earn our recognition by being a top supplier of carbon steel to different customers. We have served a lot of industries by providing them with the materials that they need.

Carbon steel is primarily composed of both iron and carbon in which other elements only have a low percentage of its content.

Our carbon steel products are available in varying sizes, grades, lengths, and finishes to fit any use specifications. The range of both manganese and carbon content in carbon steel products allow the development of a wide range of toughness, strength, and wear resistance characteristics.

The products we offer are manufactured are fully tested and inspected by our quality control inspection and are finished up to the tightest tolerances.