Brass, Copper and Bronze

Our Brass, Copper, and Bronze are used for almost all types of objects for their combined properties of various elements.

Brass, Copper and BronzeThese special alloys, namely brass, copper, and bronze are nonferrous metals that have exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity and great resistance to corrosion, strength, and ductility. There are certain measures that should be considered upon selecting metal alloys – thus, there is a need to have an analysis firsthand on the desired specifications and dimensions. Outer dimensions (OD), overall thickness, inner diameter (ID) and overall length are some of the dimensions that are needed to be considered. There are other specifications that are important to tensile strength, melting point, product shape, yield strength, corrosion resistance, malleability, conductivity, and ductility. The distinctions between properties are based on alloy composition and forming method.

Red metals such as brass, copper, and bronze may have differed in physical attributes that include appearance, texture, etc. as well as in properties but they are mostly ideal for metal contact application in combustible environments.

Forte Precision Metals offers its wide array of brass, copper, and bronze to comply with the heavy demand of different customers from different manufacturing and industries.

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