Forte: Our Specialties

We pride ourselves in our Specialized Grinding Division that grind up to 7″ large in diameter and up to 24 feet in length. We also do small bars grinding down to 1/32 “. Holding Tolerance of  ±.0001 inches with surface finish of 8 micro inches or better.

At Forte Precision Metals, We Can Grind Up To 12 Foot Bars 1/16” to 7” Diameter.

  • Cold Finish Bars (CF) 303 SS
  • Bearing Shaft Quality (BSQ) 303 SS
  • Machining Swiss Quality (MSQ) 303 SS

Additional Advantages That Forte Precision Metals Offers:

  • All Metal Round Bars Products Can Be Centerless Ground In House
  • We also Provide the following Services In House!
  • Straightening
  • Chamfering
  • Cutting